Firmware for GRP2612 fail from GDMS



We have two UCM6510’s with an HA100 installed. I’m starting to setup the phones and SIP trunks today. Working with the GDMS appears to be really helpful however I can not for some reason push the firmware updates to a GRP2612 phone. In fact I can’t even get the phone to go to a tftp server for the update.

I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong.

The error from the GDMS is “Failed (Fail to get the file)”.

Current firmware:
Attempted firmware: (GDMS and TFTP file)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, need to setup 11 more phones and get this demo working so we can rollout to the entire site next year.



if you have urgency I advise you to update the firmware from local and report the problem to the Helpdesk



Was able to do the http firmware upgrade, wasn’t ever able to get the tftp working.

GDMS sees the phone has the newer firmware.

There was no “urgency” but if/when I deploy the system I’ll need a fast way to upgrade 300+ devices. LOL



I normally use the update from HTTP, just set it from Zero Config and do them all 300 without problems.


Haven’t figured out the zeroconfig as of yet for this system.

Good to know thanks!



Hey Stephen,
I was just playing with GDMS for the first time now and having the same problem upgrading 4 GRP2614 at the site at which I’m sitting (work). Tried from all the menu firmware menu options available (seems like there’s more than one way to attempt to skin that cat) to no avail. However, I then attempted to upgrade the firmware for a one each GRP2613 and GRP2614 at another (remote) location (my house). Those upgrades succeeded! Must be some firewall issue. I’ll have to investigate some other time ….


That’s a great point, I’m the network admin here so I can check firewall logs and see if I’m hitting something. I’ll see what I can dig up, though I’m off the next few days.


I dug through the firewall logs and could not find anything blocking the interaction or firmware update.