Firmware cb_transport_error: Transport error (-1) for transaction


Hello all,

I configured my DP750 to register using TCP/TLS. Registration and calling works fine, but every day, at 4A.M. I start to see these kind of errors every 20 seconds in the syslog:

Nov 07 04:00:33 logger: DP750 [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx] []>SIPStack(0): Transport error (-1) for transaction 3640

And at around 6A.M. my registration fails and I cannot call anymore. After setting up the SIP account again or after rebooting, everything is back to normal.

I need the latest beta version because I need the fixes for the distinctive ringtone.

What is the problem here?

Kind regards,


Alpha can always have problem, rapport to GS in same ticket you got alpha fw.