Firmware for GXP2130/2135/2140/2160/2170 released as official



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for GXP2130/2135/2140/2160/2170 is now released as official. Here is the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.



This new release has added custom softkey values. This allows us to define Custom Call Screen Softkeys that are programmed similarly to VPKs. The Release Notes describe this new feature as as “Similar to MPK, but with limited set.” The web configuration pages of my GXP2135 list 10 user-definable modes supported by these new custom softkeys; unfortunately, the “transfer” mode is not one of them.

May I persuade Grandstream to consider adding the “transfer” mode to this list in a future release? This is the mode I need for my custom softkey more than any other mode.



When a call is active the BLF now shows alternating the name / label and “Remote XXXX”.
Where XXX is the number of the person calling the extension of the BLF.

  • is there an option to disable this (privacy concerns) ?
  • if names instead of numbers should be shown thes come from the internal phonebook ?


I have one phone (GXP2170, running on PoE) with 2 x GXP2200EXT plugged in, the GXP2200EXT were bricked (lights on, no one home, BLF would not doing anything, pressing them would do nothing).

Soft reboot the phone (LCD display > Reboot) didnt fix them, the GXP2200EXT did not reboot (lights and screen on all the time even during the reboot). I had to pull the cable out the back of the phone to fix the GXP2200EXT. Now they appear to work (after the cable pull to remove power reboot).

Another phone with 1 x GXP2200EXT seems to be fine… not sure its its only when more than one GXP2200EXT was plugged in, have no idea at this point.


This update has this in the change log…

Changed weather system to be based on IBM weather company data

Now our phones are auto setting the weather to a postal location with that isn’t even a town outside of the city. There dose not seem to be much publicly available documentation on IBM’s location codes, or the it is not being sent as if you use zip codes, location ids, or anything else for the correct location just returns a Service Unavailable (probably just getting a bad request back).

Please provide more information on how to look up locations, it would also be nice to have the option in ZeroConfig of the UCM for selecting the weather location.


@webluke From some data I was able to find about the API they are using ( if you simply put in the latitude and longitude under Self-Defined City Code and in this format 41.878113, -87.629799 (Chicago as an example) it will properly display the weather.

@grandstream can we get an option to input our own URL and response to provide weather details on a closed network, since the auto location simply is not accurate and I can’t set our phones offline for security.

ALSO why was the weather info on the home screen switched from the left of the time to the right, it looks wonky now and the spacing between the two is so small it just looks cluttered.


Well you can simply put chicago, us :slight_smile:


It doesn’t seem to be accurate or specifically target areas for some reason.


It is general for sure, but using latitude and longitude will give you only weather is specific place. I usually prefer global info about city then exact position.


@Marcin Also if there are multiple cities in the US with the same name, you couldn’t specify <city>, <country>


You can add state too. city,state,country


I do not know if in 2135 the same thing happens, but in 2130 you can program the keys to transfer directly to an internal one, pressing a single key.

I hope it helps you.



Unfortunately, the “transfer via non-Transfer MPK” option you reference does not apply to Soft Key programming, only MPK.

It is is helpful for me that you pointed out this feature, though, because I had long been wanting to do 1-touch transfer with BLF buttons and didn’t realize this option was available. I’m eager to try it out.

I really hope Grandstream will add the transfer option to Soft Keys. With the GXP2135 you can have up to five screens of virtual programmable keys (VPK/MPK) when the active call screen is turned on, and several of my customers with multiple screens are always getting lost trying to find which screen their transfer button appears on (a button I use for internal park). Allowing Transfer as a Softkey mode will solve this big problem that I’m having with those customers.


IBM appear to be using, when looking at IBM site.

Anyway, i can get weather for USA and Canada, but i have customers outside those locations, there town / country doesnt work, how do we look up city names, IBM website has nothing on it, goes on about being way more accurate, well if i can find a town your less accurate than which i cant find a town in…


The update see to have broken my outbound calling on my 2170. The phone appears to be registered and receive inbound calls but gets a “no response” error when trying to dial out. Anyone else experiencing any issues with this firmware?


GXP2140 и GXP2170 f/w + Cisco Catalyst 3750
problem after switching from to - cisco blocks the port, i.e. do not physically reach the phone
I suspect that after changing the firmware, the mac changes
cisco ports enabled:
spanning-tree bpduguard enable
before the transition to the new firmware was not accompanied by any problems


Hide BLF Remote Status