Firmware for GXP2130/2135/2140/2160/2170 officially released



You forget about :
Register before Expiration: by default it is 0 (which mean half time).

Option will not help in this case. It have merits and bads, i usually not turn it.
I use it only when NO SIP register server is present.




it broke my 2135s they are unable to receive a second call when in use


The new firmware? Or the settings mentioned above?

What codec are you using? Do you have Call Waiting enabled?


Do you have more than one line assigned to the account in question? Or are you operating in account mode?


I had vpk 2 set as a speed dial, which worked with the old firmware not with the new. I set the second slot to default and it works now


Hi, I have some 2160 on UCM6204. After upgrading to in cannot make blind transfers.

In the upgraded phone in cant find this option “Transfer Mode via VPK” that was under settings > call features in the old firmware (i’m using on not upgraded phones).

Where is this option now ?




Thank you very much.
Distracted by the problem, I had not really noticed it.