Firmware for GXP2130/2135/2140/2160/2170 officially released



Here we are, 48 hours after upgrading to .108. I am impressed, we’ve had no issues.

This is the first firmware in 2 years that Grandstream hasn’t caused me to feel extreme regret, simultaneously fending off angry customers.

We did have 1 particular phone that couldn’t answer any call - It would just sit there and ring, and once the ringing stopped, it would de-register and re-register. This was a GXP2140, and downgrading it fixed it. Not sure if it’s just a bad phone or not. But we have another 300 GXP2140s with other customers without issues.


This is a good sign, This thread hasn’t had a reply in 5 days… So hopefully that means this firmware is good! I will be upgrading a few phones today…


Yep, do it, we’re happy with the update. SRV is working, proper DNS failover is working, and we don’t have any 488s happening anywhere in our logs.


Are your 2140s faring well?


They are - we corrected a race condition with a too-quick register retry and that stabilized the phones. That was a bug in our config, not GS.


Just updating - Another week by and this firmware appears to be the “golden firmware” we’ve been waiting for.


We have a maintenance window scheduled for a week from Saturday. We’ll be updating our clients then. Let you know how ours goes.


Have you experienced this issue again? We had a somewhat similar issue with the 2170. The user said they couldn’t answer, and the phone wasn’t sounding a “ring” even with the ring volume up. The other end of the call said it would ring and then answer but there’d be no audio. Rebooting resolved that particular issue.


Nope we haven’t had the issue happen at all!


No problem so far with this FW.
It can be glitch in config that follow from older verison, so sometime is best just to factory and reconfigure instead of fighting it.