Firmware for DP750/DP720/DP760 officially released



will forward to R&D team see if they can fix it. thank you!


@rgagnon24, the reason why we use different P values is because P78, P778, P578, and P4792 are used for random SIP AND RTP port.
On DP, we split this setting to 2: random SIP port and random RTP port, that’s why we use different P values.


We found the reason why your provisioning failed is because of the config file version is wrong. there is a tag of config version="1" or config version="2" on top of the xml file, if you are using P-numbers, please use version 1, if you are using alias (, please use version 2.

Please check your config file, if that’s the case, correct the version number it will be working fine.


Thanks, Shawn… I will try that different version in the tag. However, we’ve never really known what to put there due to lack of documentation on that XML tag… All our other device templates have a “1” for the value except for our HT802’s… we are using “2” (for some unknown reason) with the HT802’s and they work just fine.

I am guessing your advice might be to change the HT802 to version “1” as well for future “long-name” P-values ?


HT802 haven’t implemented alias version of configure file yet. , so they are not checking this version number is 1 or 2 at the moment, I think once they have added the support for new version of XML, this value will matter.
We will add this information in the release note or the user manual.


The change to the right value for config version=“1” helped, but still having issues getting the unit to configure. So I updated to, and reset to factory default, then rebooted.

If I go to Maintenance => Provisioning, and click the new button “Start” for the provisioning system, our config server sees the request for the config xml file, but the syslog from the DP750 now shows:

2019 Apr 12 20:19:52     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: setup image source type net
2019 Apr 12 20:19:52     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: HTTP server does not support partial content
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: Downloaded CFG data
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP7500 0  PROVISION: md5sum: e2c0720f4407f34fd4b540f4ea255227
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP7500 0  PROVISION: md5sum decrypted: 4f48f6c6af53742cbf01da85b6cb3c41
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: Authenticate config file is disabled.
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: Config file has been applied.
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: No settings changed.
2019 Apr 12 20:19:53     user.notice    DP750 [00:0B:82:GH:IJ:KL] []PROVISION: Configuration update completed

and nothing in the unit actually changes. It keeps the factory default values.

2 things I see different from the previous firmware:

  1. The md5sum lines have increased by one more line
  2. The md5sum log messages are missing the MAC and fw version


PROVISION: Config file has been applied.
PROVISION: No settings changed.
Your Syslog has no error, it says the config file has been applied (successfully), and then tells there is no settings changed. Could you please check if this config had been applied to the server already before you clicked the start button? or maybe take a look at the file itself, if the settings are the same as your device?


Well that is actually an incorrect log message since the unit was factory reset. It should not say no setting changed after downloading its config.

Anyhow… I tried beta and now the thing seems to work even though there is nothing in the release notes about random P-Values not being applied.

However… we’re not permitted by company policy to put beta software into the field. Is there an ETA on when the beta will be made a formal release?


we actually have 1 more thing need to be confirmed before changing it from beta to formal, probably will be changed next week.


DP750 that needs the, firmware so i can upgrade it to the latest release. Where can i get the firmware from?