Firmware for GWN7610/GWN7600/GWN7600LR released as Beta



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for GWN7610/GWN7600/GWN7600LR is now released as Beta. Here is the link to the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.


Hi support,
i test the firmware on my GWN7600 APs (qty=2). When i try to transfer them to my account i get the notice message “Some devices have not been deleted, whether to restore the factory setting?” which is confusing and makes the installer/technician NOT to press OK button (i was afraid to do so because i read that it will do factory reset to the 7600) and if you do not press the OK button the 7600 DOES NOT registers to your account (it’s LAC address in copied to the cloud under the access point tab but indicates the hardware as “offline” and if you try to load the configuration page of the gwn7600 using the access point ip address (e.g. then the page is loaded successfully and you can log-in)
change the notice prompt “Some devices have not been deleted, whether to restore the factory setting?” to something like “Some devices have not been deleted, do you want to reboot to complete the transfer successfully?”

Also write a help balloon next to the “Airtime Fairness” option under the AccessPoint Configuration page at the GWN.Cloud in order we know what it does if it is enabled :slight_smile:

Also under Editing of an SSID in GWN.Cloud if you try to deselect the “Enable Minimum RSSI” if you press “Save” it gives you an error message on the top of the page "The required field is not filled or incorrectly entered " ad does not complete the save process which is frustrating.



Hi, Solargon,

Thanks a lot for your input. We will improve those web interfaces.


Hi, Solargon,

For the last issue, did the web tells which field need to be filled? There should be a red note right below the empty but mandetory field as “The field should not be empty”.


Hello Tian,
The last issue was created because on the previous firmware i had choose MAC blacklist without inputting a MAC address and when i upgraded the firmware to when i entered any setup tab of the access point and even pressing “save” button the firmware checked that this option was enabled but without information and CORRECTLY given this message.
You do not need to do anything and close this issue, firmware is working perfectly!!!

Keep walking and making amazing products Grandstream Team!!! :1st_place_medal: :100: :+1:


Great. Thanks for confirming!


I am tempted to test the new firmware, but being a home user with a perfectly working unit (GWN7610) on, I am wondering if I can downgrade (back to if for some reason the BETA has a problem?


Yes, you can.
If you are using AP with local master itself, either or is good to use.
If you are using AP with GWN Cloud, though is usable, is recommand.