Firmware for GWN7000 released as official



We are actually working on an update to match every new features of GWN Access Point all the way from FP5 to FP8, it’s taking longer than expected. Sorry about that.


@GS_Tian thanks for the response, that’s encouraging news. Just to clarify, will this update address the issue with gigabit PPPoE connections being capped to 300mbits, as identified by myself and some others in this thread? Thanks.

Firmware for GWN7000 released as Beta
Firmware for GWN7000 released as Beta

I’ve seen the 1.09 beta announcement, but the feature updates don’t seem to have any value to anyone just using the GWN as a router or a load balancer, without the integrated WIFI access points.


Is there any development for gwn7000 router?
See nothing happens for a very long time.
This could be a good product but without support its only waste of time. :frowning:


Shelved for now.