Firmware for GRP2612/2612P/2612W/2613/2614/2615/2616 released as Beta




I think it could be a kind of error correction on the voice part, but it is a new parameter so the description does not exist today.

if you disable it and it solves the problem leave it written here, it will surely be useful to the community


Ok, sounds plausible that it could be the the source of the problem as only one leg of the conversation had the noise.

Interestingly, your document shows feature off in default, but on in the beta P file.


Let everyone know on Monday when the site reopens.


New P code didn’t work. Rolled it back to


attention that lately in some cases it is necessary to put 8538 and not P8538 (I would like to know that it is that he has studied such a thing …)


Hi @Telefonix

Could you send me your traces so our engineers can look over them to find the issue?


Is not the standard for Oz g711a/PCMA? Only North America, Japan and perhaps one or two others use g711u as the standard.

You could also try g729 as this is pretty universal, although a lower rate codec.


Most carriers specify 711u then 711a as their preference. I’ll need to test again when I get the time to do it. The GRP range has been a right royal pain. I’d like to sell them but they take four times the effort to get working.


I would do basic programming for them in office (GDMS or Option 66)

  1. Upgrade to latest fw
  2. Unlock for UCM
  3. Codec settings, changing random port etc

Option 6 is better as you only connect device to network and wait for result. 1-2 minutes for phone (work - unbox, connect, box)



GRP2615. This update messed up my VPK display.
If I have:

VPK 3 > Call Park, Account 1, Park Call, 77
VPK 6 > Default, Account 3, blank, blank

Then VPK 6 description shows “Park Call”, the same as I put in VPK 3

If I remove VPK 3, it goes back to normal.

Same goes for VPK 4 and VPK 7.


Hi Tarv, thanks for reporting the issue, I was able to reproduce it and we will be looking into the cause of it.