Firmware for GWN76xx WiFi Access Points released as official



Any news from Grandstream´s helpdesk?


They needed traces and syslog info (again), as they were not able to reproduce the problem. I changed back to previous firmware and kindly declined for the position in their testteam. I’m not sure if this problem is still underinvestigation.


without the provision of the exact problem and the required syslogs, no assistance will ever solve a problem if not obvious and known


I agree, but introducing the same bug twice (and I provided syslog information already including timestamps)…my time is too precious.


Can someone at Grandstream change something in the firmware to prevent spam with the title AP exceeded 95% of available memory? Hundreds are coming! until the AP is restarted.


GWN Cloud?
you can customize the notifications independently, ditto inside the A.P. if it’s not on GWN Cloud, first check that it’s not a much more serious problem


Cloud reporting of this status is disabled.
AP sends this crap himself.
The user can’t turn it off and it’s super annoying.
Anyway, it also proves that AP WiFi6 can’t cope with memory cleaning, which unfortunately pushes them to the tracks of mikrotik and constant restarts. I thought this would be a bit better resolved.


I don’t have any of these problems
try verifying the settings and doing a format factory via SSH, this has often solved strange problems for me,

then if it persists open a ticket and ask Grandstream Support,
no need to write unwelcome words on the forum, the problem remains :wink:


I have several dozen GB of traffic a day on these ap, this is a hotel and there are a lot of people.
Unfortunately, once a week the AP starts to send messages and I have to reboot.


What is the command for format factory?


you can find everything in the GWN manual,
the pswd in case of GWN Cloud, you can find it in GWN Cloud system


The memory error emails are just with this version. You can revert back to the older version or live with it for a while and open a ticket with support about the issue so they can increase the priority on it.


I still haven’t figured out the reason for receiving the alert emails, by chance are they emails referring to the “Rogue” protection? In that case just disable Rogue protection.
Can you insert here a screen of one of those alert emails received?


Re: multiple “AP memory usage exceeded" alerts
Help ticket #20230117183401 openned, few possible options tried & failed (disabling “Enable Rogue AP Detection” being one of them). Core files from the affected AP submitted, awaiting for an answer.
Or new firmware


I don’t have rogue ap detection enabled and see the issue, so I don’t think that is it. I disabled ‘client connection events’ to see if the reporting of the clients was at least part of the cause, but it does not seem to be the issue.


all you have to do is open and wait for the response of the Grandstream ticket


I already have a ticket open for the memory errors. Support wants a core, but it takes a while for it to show up in my environment and it does not help that I had a power outage yesterday that rebooted all of my APs.



This is not the only problem with this version.
In the hotel, the memory fills up at a rate of 1 mega every 3 hours, so with more users, it’s a few days and a reboot is necessary.
I’ve given up on Grandstream in installs for now. It has too many childhood diseases. Maybe someday I’ll come back, but not soon.


Upgraded the GWN7605LR and factory reset all my accesspoints. The VLAN problem hasn’t occured up till now (while the upgrade was performed over 3 days ago).

I’ll keep you posted.