Firmware for UCM6202/6204/6208/6510 is released as Beta



@cyfo The CID thing has been going on for better part of a year. I am in a chat with them right now while they do more tracing on our bad calls. I’m beginning to think it might be time to look at another carrier. @costwisewpg pointed me at someone else earlier in the year, I think I might have to check it out. Our users live and die by the phones (sales org) so they gotta work decently. To this point I have been bashing GS and that may not be fair as it is likely that is the culprit.


I even put a FreePBX in the middle there so I can keep a permanent capture for days (and hopefully adding it in the middle might take away any “incompatibility” but it hasn’t change anything), so the issue might be on the provider side.


@cyfo They just made another change for me in backend routing that definitely fixed up some issues. This after first actually making it worse. I was on chat with “Bernie”, maybe you can get him on chat and reference the changes he just made in backend for Lekker Foods as a starting point.


@robertd Good for you. Thanks, will definitely try to reach them again.


I have had call quality issues on 2135’s as well, it turned out to be a faulty batch of handpieces.


Thank you for the prompt updates. Glad to hear that it wasn’t an issue with the firmware!


@GS.Jimmy Thanks for offering to look at the logs, appreciated. So far it looks like may have actually pretty much eliminated the problem. Just have to keep watching and see how things work.