Firmware for UCM6202/6204/6208 is released as Beta



I wouldn’t recommend putting a beta into production


Conventional wisdom usually dictates waiting until the release is official and even then possibly waiting a bit to see what happens once the early adopters jump in and update and then deciding whether or not to update. You can check the forum to get a feel, but as there is no way to know how many are currently running the beta, what their configurations are, the phones in use, etc., the shotgun approach of throwing it against the wall and seeing what sticks may not unveil a particular gremlin until that magic combination is hit…which could be you.

I have been running it for a few weeks now and most issues appear to be cosmetic, but then it is not my production system, I test all types of scenarios and I would not say that my situation will represent what is likely to be encountered in an active office.

But hey, you have them so test them over the next few days and give yourself some experience as well as confidence about the stability and then decide. I assume you have had the other system in place for some time now and waiting a bit longer to be certain it all works is worth the effort rather than facing the wrath of the boss when all hell breaks loose.

At the end of the day, it’s your system and all I can say is proceed with caution. I have not yet deployed to a single client, nor will I until sometime after the official release.


Thanks, Larry. Always appreciate your thoughtful and reasoned responses. On second thought I am going to stick with what I know “works”. I have my own three UCM’s as well as a couple out at non-profits that I support. While it would be nice to have the new shiny shiny on all of them I think it may be better to hold off and wait till it actually lands as a stable release.



If you need new function go with beta, if not wait.


I saw that the stable version has come out, I was wondering if the problems reported on the beta have been resolved at least in part.


Nope, it is same version for sure.


then I’ll wait, too many uncertainties for now, and in production there must be no uncertainties.