firmware to on 1625 stuck on Firmware Update Initializing



I have it point to the http firmware.grandstream and it’s stuck at

Firmware Update Initializing

Is there anything I need to do? I have 8 phones all with that status at boot


Dear anthonys650,

I had quite similar situation. In this case try these steps:

  1. power down all the 8 phones (lets say for 10 minutes).
  2. then power on the phones but without UTP pluged in.
  3. wait a bit for the auto recovery after firmware failure.
  4. if nothing happens after 10-15 minutes plug UTP back and wait for another 5minutes.

If these steps doesnt help try the whole procedure again but this time with local upgrade. I mean TFTP.

I hope it will work well.


thanks! I ended up using local TFTP


Hi anthonys650

I got this same issue for a particular client. :sweat:
I stuck with this phone for almost 5 hours fighting to get it to work.
phone model: GXP1628
firmware ver: version before

Finally, I did manage to make it work following the below procedures: :smiley:

  1. connected the phone Lan port to a managed switch
  2. disable POE on that port
  3. create a VLAN
    -for my case created VLAN 50 and assigned it to port 3 and 4 which is the Phone and my PC.
  4. connect the phone to power using a power adapter.
    at this stage, you will see that the phone is no more stuck on “Recovery Incomplete” and boot normally. please note that the issue is not yet resolved.
  5. go on the phone> System> Factory reset
  6. open TFTP server, suggesting to use TFTPd64
  7. create a DHCP server
  8. once it gets an IP, go on the web GUI of the phone and make changes in order to update the phone firmware.

9)update the phone to first then to the latest firmware ver.

once done, you can connect the phone to any POE port and register it to your PBX.