Firmware for UCM6301/6302/6304/6308/6300A/6302A/6304A/6308A released as official



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for UCM6301/6302/6304/6308/6300A/6302A/6304A/6308A is now released as official.
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For UCM6300 with RemoteConnect, make sure to download the latest Wave applications (1.0.19.x/1.19.x release) from here.

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

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It breaks Wave behind NAT for both Mobile and Desktop, latest versions.


you must give details to Grandstream about the problem you are experiencing


Those are the details. Very simple, it breaks the WAVE app, if you are behind NAT. Tested several systems. WAVE continues to work locally or if the UCM is on a Public IP (not behind NAT).


Found an issue with this firmware on UCM 6301 and the Active Calls page.

Active Calls does not show calls occurring in a Multimedia Meeting audio conference room.

Replicate the issue:
Dialing out to a number. Note the Active Calls page shows a call. Transfer the call to a Multimedia Meeting audio conference room. Note the Active Calls status page call count.


Why is this Grandstream making thing even worse… from firmware to firmware I can notice, that SAVE -> APPLY is working sometimes 20 seconds… This is horrble.
Even more horrible is when you you WAVE desktop app in LOCAL LAN network not over Cloud, and when user is making call forward and saving and applying config, this is comedy, sometimes 30 seconds It’s needed to apply this… CPU load on UCM device is very low, so it’s not the issue about heavy duty load…
Why can you make this things to works more smooth and faster, like other PBX companies do ?
Best regards


FW it is the latest FW

problems you say you have, you can report them directly to Grandstream:


exactly what other brands of PBX would work better than Grandstream?


Innovaphone … works very faster… :slight_smile:
On Grandstream when user want to make CFU on his number apply settings is 10-15 seconds :stuck_out_tongue:
On Innovaphone 1-2 seconds…

When you have 200 users connected Grandstream is working very slow… but CPU load is not more than 30% and memory 58%…


so if Innovaphone works well, why do you use UCM?


We manage two comapnies, one have Innovaphone and another purchased Grandstream, but I can tell as compare, that some solutions in Innovaphone are working better, but yet again others are in Grandstream better :slight_smile:


“…our local ISP which sold us this PBX device and phones is very confusing and their support is very bad… as they are not capable to configure this as it… so I as a end custumer search for solution on this forum and google around…” cit other post

in order to make a comparison, you need to know a product well, in another post he wrote to me if I’m not mistaken, that you don’t know UCM well,
So I wonder on what basis can you make a judgement?


This is not the same post… don’t mix posts.

UCM works slow in some functions… you want to make Call Forward Always: this process is 10-15 seconds to be saved and applied.


open a ticket to Grandstream support at the link below and complain about the problems you are experiencing,
this is only a user-user forum, it is neither a place for assistance nor a place to make useless comparisons or controversies.
Thank you.