Firmware for UCM6301/6302/6304/6308/6300A/6302A/6304A/6308A released as Beta



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for UCM6301/6302/6304/6308/6300A/6302A/6304A/6308A is now released as Beta.
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For UCM6300 with RemoteConnect, make sure to download the latest Wave applications (1.0.19.x/1.19.x release) from here.

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

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  • 1 - in the extension / wave page the QR Code no longer appears (it did appear with the previous fw)
  • 2 - still unable to read LDAP from remote extensions on Remote Connect, making it difficult to see remote phones that cannot read the UCM LDAP directory
  • 3 - I tried the new “CID Pattern Mode” feature and it doesn’t seem to work, or I didn’t quite understand how it should work.
  • 4 - I tried the new feature “Send PCPID Header” -> [Extensions] Added P-Called-Party-ID header option to the Add/Edit Extension→Features page, and it doesn’t seem to work, or I didn’t quite understand how it should work.
  • 5 - on WAVE APP it seems to me that it is impossible to delete the history


This was an intentional change based on the same logic that User Password is not visible to the UCM admin.

I need to verify this internally, but there should be no issues with retrieving LDAP as far as I know.

The new “DiversionID” mode option is just a new way to filter incoming calls by Diversion header instead of the From header if the CallerID Pattern field is used. None would be used if no CallerID Pattern was configured, and CallerID option is just default behavior before this firmware where CallerID Pattern looked at the From header of a call to match and filter.

The tooltip may be mistaken. For external calls TO extensions that have this option enabled, the PCPID header will be added to the SDP of the call from UCM to the registered device, and this header will contain the value of the To header in the initial INVITE from the trunk.

There are currently no plans at this time to implement this.


1 - I think I saw that QR Code appears I don’t know in what condition (if it happens again I’ll show you the screen).

2 - I don’t think it works on GS remote phone on Remote Connect, if it should work let me know what to insert in the “port” and “LDAP server” fields.

3 - if I understand correctly to show in case of external forward the real number of the caller and not the trunk number:
A = calling external number
B = called trunk number
C = external number receiving the forwarded call
A calls from outside number B which is forwarded externally to C, C receives the call and is shown on the display A.
It would be great, if so, how should the incoming path be set in the “CID Source” and “CallerID Pattern” fields? (I tried everything without success)

4 - this field has nothing to do with point 3?

5 - for convenience and privacy reasons it must be possible to delete a single call in the history or the entire history, I kindly ask you to put this in your program (any other competitor app allows this.
n.b.: same thing for WAVE desktop



CPU load is now approx. 17 percent (with was approx. 14 percent) on my UCM6301 with 6 SIP extensions, 1 FXS extension and FXO trunk configured, when everything is idle (phones registered but no calls going on, no one logged into wave). Is that to be expected?


Why would this be related to point 3? I’m answering your question about PCPID header.

I’m rather confused about what this example is for. It has nothing to do with what is displayed on the endpoint receiving the call. The new DiversionID option is to filter inbound calls based on their diversion header values. Only calls with the specified diversion header pattern can be routed, and no other calls can use this route. To further expand on this, the CallerID Pattern is a way to filter calls based on the caller’s information. Previously, configuring this would only filter calls based on the caller’s CID (From header value). Only calls with that CID pattern specified would be able to use the route. However, the new firmware has added the ability to filter calls via diversion header value instead of From header value.


OK thank you,
I misunderstood the new setting


hi @GS.Jimmy

There might be a problem with the CTI function, although a phone is correctly associated with WAVE desktop (so audio passes from IP phone), when making calls from WAVE Deskto, the call starts correctly from the IP phone but on WAVE Desktop the audio error warning microphone is missing,

moreover, once the call starts from WAVE desktop and is made from the IP phone, WAVE Desktop does not manage this call so for example it is not possible to interrupt the call from WAVE Desktop.
Lastly, to associate the IP phone in CTI it is impractical for the customer to have to enter the Local IP address, for example a drop-down menu could appear that offers me the phone corresponding to the same account (for example Yeastar does it correctly).

moreover, as already mentioned, it is not possible to delete the single call or all the calls from the history,
in the end, these are the things the end customer would like.

lastly, if the customer could autonomously modify/delete/add the “Extended Contacts (therefore LDAP)” directly from WAVE Desktop, it would be a perfect APP (obviously with the necessary permissions.



hi @GS.Jimmy,
I checked the problem better,

  • once the IP phone is associated via CTI with WAVE Desktop:
    By dialing for example *98 the problem does not arise
    Instead, dialing an external number presents the problem, a bug to be solved


Thank you for reporting the issues.

I’ll bring this up internally with the team.

This is now planned for implementation after further discussion with the team.

Do you mean to remove the external contacts entirely from the system, or do you mean to just hide contacts from specified users’ contact lists?


modify UCM LDAP contacts directly from WAVE Desktop (with the appropriate permissions)


HI @GS.Jimmy,

I would like to point out a situation to be improved in the “Announcement” settings,
as destination you can set “External numbere”,
but the call is blocked because the permissions are missing,
by setting the Trunk to permission = internal, at this point it is possible to use Announcement and an external number as destination.
The problem is that this compromises the general security of the UCM, therefore by setting the trunk to permission = internal, everything becomes permitted, therefore everyone can do everything with that trunk and any security setting of the extensions etc. is lost.
In my opinion, it is necessary to be able to set the desired level of permission in Announcement.

n.b.: obviously the same change should be made on both UCM630X and UCM620X/6510


This is still normal.

Thank you. I will let the team know about this.


absolutely missing now


hi @GS.Jimmy,

I would like to submit a serious display problem.

UCM6302 FW
WAVE APP Android

The screen below displays the status of user 201 in the background, therefore “online”, connected,

The problem is that being a test, 3 days ago I turned off UCM, meanwhile I restarted the mobile at least 3 times, then restarted WAVE app at least 3 times, and it still shows “online”,
obviously the app once opened correctly displays “server disconnected”,
but since the customer in general often looks at the screen in the background to understand if he has new emails etc… (I think it’s something we all do), this view would lead him not to understand why WAVE doesn’t work even if “online” is displayed ".
To correct.


Thank you. I’ll bring up this issue with the team.


We use UCM6304 with install and use wave app by public ip. we are having the following problem
Not receiving calls on web wave and on wave on PC app
I only received missed calls
If on the pc app call out when picking up the phone it disappears and doesn’t show the call
what’s the problem?
You can check log (666.4 KB) (4.4 MB)


Hi Damiano,

This is a known performance. The notification will not be updated based on the SIP account status changes. If the user has configured a SIP account in the Wave app, the notification will show “Online:XXX”, and it will not be updated based on the different account status. In this case, if the user does not open the app, and only check the notification on the drop-down notification, the user may not notice that the SIP account status has been changed. I have reported this issue and your concern to our development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! There are 2 issues in your case. For the call interface disappear issue, it is a crash issue based on your given logs. Our development team is working on analyzing the “missed call” issue now.

We will need your help to download the syslog from your UCM63xx device. Before downloadin the syslog, please check the “PJSIP Log” option, “PBX Log” option, “RTP Log” option, and “AVS Log” option, and it you can also capture the trace file from the UCM63xx, it will help us troubleshoot this issue. Please kindly let us know the timestamp when the “missed call” and “crash issue” happen, so that we can check the issue based on the given syslog. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!