Firmware for UCM6202/6204/6208/6510 released as Beta



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for UCM6202/6204/6208/6510 is now released as Beta. Here is the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

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Outbound calls display username of SIP trunk instead of dialed number after update (we’re using GXP2170).


Report a bug (at least I think):
creating a group of voice mailboxes (example 601) associating internal 201-202-203.
A message arrives -> the LED of 201-202-203 flashes to notify the presence of messages. So far, so good.
The 201 example reads the message and cancels it, the LED of 201 goes off but those of 202 and 203 continue to flash.
Obviously there are not any messages so I think it is a resounding bug.


Under Major Enhancements it lists “[Security] Fixed several critical security vulnerabilities”.

Given that this release fixes “critical security vulnerabilities”, I was wondering how these vulnerabilities are going to be addressed for the UCM61xx series as this release is only for the newer 62xx and 65xx systems?

Grandstream has committed to releasing security fixes for the 61xx series.


daminao - nope, a group voice mail box will deliver the VM to each member of the group. However, it is delivered to the members’ personal VM boxes and the deletion of the VM by one member does nothing to the other members’ voice mails (same message). In your example, the VM should still be present in the box for 202 and 203. Only 201 deleted or read it, but this should have no impact on 202 & 203. Please check.

Unless there is something new, each member must delete the message individually, and then someone also needs to delete from the group box as well.

There are two schools of thought on the issue -

  1. Use the group VM to deliver a message to a group and then have the VM react to the first user of the VM group who reads, deletes, etc., such that the impact of the action is felt by all boxes to include the group box.

  2. Use the group VM to deliver a message to a group and then allow each member to manage the VM individually so that the actions of one member have no bearing on any other member to include the group box. This is how it currently works. One reason being that say for example that I am the boss (my wife is really) and that the office is pretty busy, but bad weather is coming in and I decide to close the office early. I can leave a group mail that will get sent to all in the group (everyone to include remote workers) about the early closing. I do not want the first person who retrieves the message and then delete it such that all the other employees never get it and that lucky guy goes home while the others stay because they don’t know. Bad analogy, but you get the idea.

In this manner all who get the message can react to if there is a need. The bad part is that if it is a generic message such as “call me back” then not all need to respond, but they do need to coordinate among themselves so not everyone does call back. .


A few of the security fixes in are already in for UCM61xx. A new firmware with the rest of the fixes is estimated to release within a week from now.


hello @lpneblett (my name is damiano and not daminao :stuck_out_tongue:)
I do not agree with you 100%.
I would have it if there was the possibility to cancel or not the notification to all the members of the group once a member has listened and deleted the messages.
So unfortunately it is not, so imagine having a group with 10 voicemail boxes. 15 messages arrive. A member listens to them all and deletes them, the other 9 members must have the LED flashing, absurd. No customer in the world would accept this situation.
I repeat, there was the possibility to choose you would be right.
But there is not. (UNFORTUNATELY).


There was never an option, it would need to be a feature request. I only pointed out that there are those who would like it to be as you suggested and there are others who like it the way it is. The example I gave was not meant to express a personally preference but rather as an example of why some might not want to cancel/delete the message simply because only one took action.

Apparently there are customers that accept it, but perhaps because they have no other choice.

Sorry about the spelling of the name. I will try and not do that again.


it is my idea that just as it is, it is useless (even if it seems obvious enough), then everyone thinks it rightly as they want.



Yes, this RPiD fault. It return with 183 rpid of trunk which overwrite calledID.
This also allow you to see ring group members why you call ring group :smiley: (it switch with member dialed)

No idea if this is bug or wrong implementation for some function.


You can always create an account for the VOICEMAIL BOX, (ie: general delivery) and associate it on the phones who monitor that mailbox.

That way all stations get indication, but goes away when one person listens to them.


@alatarus I agree with you, I usually do that, but if GS has set a group voice box that you listen with * 99 it makes sense if it works, as it is useless


Thank you for the feedback. This is an option that we are currently looking to add in future firmware.


by chance someone understood the utility inserted with the fw -> Added the ability to associate differently named OEM models with their original GS models
for provisioning purposes?


I am guessing that perhaps GS private labels some of the phones to reflect someone else’s name, but underneath the hood it is still a GS device. It allows one to use use the oem name and associated it to the real device for provisioning using ZC.

Just a guess on my part.


HI @lpneblett I also arrived at your deduction, but it would be nice for GS to explain what exactly you need and how to use it, I do not think they put it for “sport”


Hi, I tried setup a new options in Inbound Rules - Set CallerID Info. And after I made changes follow by manual “9${CALLERID(num)}” and make save and apply changes, ‘9’ didn’t was appear on CID in incoming call, what I’m get wrong, suffix/prefix itc? PBX UCM6204 firmware:
So my point is, make some characters/digit(s) that dispatcher can see differences in incoming calls from different trunk.
Thank you for help/advise.


That is correct. Prior to this new option, OEM versions of GS devices could not use their original device model templates in ZC despite essentially being the same device.


so it only serves to create a model “default” example gxp2170 to use for recovery if I understand, and you do not do before to make a factory reset on the phone itself?