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Fix sipvicious iwar smap and more sip attack?


Hello everyone!
I updated my UCM6510s firemware to last and found new feature.
The feature is recording files to NAS server. So now, UCM6510 records voice files to NAS server. With some resones the UCM changes recording destination to local automaticaly. Does anyone know the reason?


Only if NAS rapport full.


I have a client who is also experiencing a similar issue.

I am trying to recreate, but my findings are not yet conclusive. It appears to me that the NAS must detect that the NAS is off-line or otherwise unable to handle the flow. I have a 61XX UCM running the 18.12 firmware connected to a QNAP two-bay NAS TS-251. If I reboot the UCM, when it comes back up, the NAS remains in place and all is well. I have also rebooted the NAS and I get the unmounted and check message, but the settings continue to indicate recordings are set for the NAS,

However, I took the NAS off-line while doing a firmware update, which then required a reboot. This took the NAS off-line for over 5 minutes and after it returned to service, I logged back into the UCM and it had switched to local.

I am guessing, but a plausible reason might be that in the absence of the NAS being available and with a timeout of some sort, the UCM has no recourse but to shift to a “recordable” location as we have directed it to record calls. I assume that it is one of those things of to record or not, and the decision is to record and then transfer when one puts the NAS back on-line. Presumably, one has the events set to notify for the NAS and I assume that the event notification is fair warning that something is amiss and to check.

All of the above is nothing more than conjecture on my part. My client insists that the issue crops up randomly and is not related to the NAS becoming unreachable. I, on the other hand, have had the NAS connected for days with no issue and both it and the UCM are on UPS systems. I can only force the issue by taking it off-line for some period of time. I only guess that it might also be related to call recording volume. My client is a health care agency running a call center in addition to the admin office. The call center Q calls are all recorded resulting in a high volume record situation of sometimes over 1,000 calls a day. I can generate that amount of traffic in my testing, so perhaps I can’t replicate the same scenario adequately. I do not know if a bottleneck occurs with the NAS or the UCM (sometimes 100%) that causes the shift to local.

What testing or other have you done to see if you can find a cause?

The client is considering upgrading to a 6510 from a 6116 in the hopes that the more robust hardware might eliminate the issue. They have approx 80 local phones and then 6 peer trunks to other sites with UCMs across the state with another 100 or so users.

They consider the issue a bug, but I am not so sure. I can see on the one hand that if you specify NAS, it should never change regardless of it being reachable or not. However, it also stands to reason that if the NAS is truly off-line, that the one call they needed to have, wasn’t recorded and then what would they want? The call I made while the NAS was off-line was indeed recorded and when I brought the NAS back on-line and was asked if I wanted to copy over (Y), it did move to the NAS.


Turn off auto switch then.
New ticket to GS that they return to preferred setting after recover access (and copy all recording from local memory).


Hi everyone.
Thank you all for a quick reply.
I found the reason. NAS server is unavailible sometimes, i received this kind of message from UCM “Network Disk of UCM has been Available”. I don’t have prolems with network, but NAS server and UCM are not in same broadcast domain. Diffrent broadcast domain could not be the reason. Does anyone use NAS server as call recording storage now? Does it work correct?


Same network no problem at all.


Auto change is off when I set to the NAS. It only reverts when it is off-line for some time and as stated, recording to the NAS are fine when normal, only when the NAS goes off-line for some period does the UCM revert to auto and begin recording locally.

My NAS and the client’s are not in different broadcast domains.