Firmware for UCM610X/6116/620X/6510 released as official



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for UCM6102/6104/6108/6116/6202/6204/6208/6510 is now released as official. Here is the link to the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

**Important note: **
1. Backup your data including configuration before firmware upgrade is recommended.
2. It is recommended to upgrade UCM to latest firmware for product lifespan and security improvements.

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.



If we are on the beta version, is it the same build or I need to reupgrade to the official build?


No,they are different , please upgrade to the official build.


People should note this is the last firmware release for the UCM61xx series which is now designated EOL.


I tried, it’s not working. My UCM says “Same version”.


If you use Beta build 18.9, you should upgrade , if you use Beta build 18.12, you DO not need to upgrade. thanks


Yes, this is kind of bad. PBX is not phone. I understand no introducing new features but fixing bugs is rather must ?


Yes, that is my main concern too.



Can not be true. Have done all those updates and upgrades since the product was released.
Now most things work as expected and the boxes are EOL.
2 years ago sold appliances now will become a potential security risk for the customers?
Left alone with bugs and soon with security holes.
Is this the meaning of a secure and reliable product?
Normaly if a PBX is EOL there´s at least 5 years software maintanance for the product.
So the customer and the reseller doesn´t feel cheated.
GS what would you think if you buy e.g. a car and after 2 years you would not get new safety-belts if they are cracked for your vehicle?
Does this look like a reliable partner? Just think about it in a quiet minute.
No need to advertise with “afforable products”.
There´s another swabian saying: “If you buy cheap, you buy 3 times…”
Please do not let me believe I bought and sold a cheap product.

Regards Michael


Support mean a lot of things.

  1. Bug fix
  2. New features

While 2 is often dropped as OLD HW cannot support new features, but usually 1 should be supported for extended time. GS does that for GXP1450/1405 and few other top model seller. I hope they keep same for UCM.


Hi Marcin,

with support for EOL PBX I think only of security updates and bug-fixing.
New features are not relevant any more.
And that´s the thing: Keep it secure and reliable.
If someone needs new features then there´s an option for the customer to buy a new appliance with a processor that supports those new features. We do not sell PBX-features wich will be availible eventually in future. The customer bought an appliance with those features that were availible at selling time.
All features wich will be availible later is another thing.
But the features that are in the last firmware should work reliably and secure for a longer term.
A PBX isn´t a disposable product.
The average usage is according to experience about 10 years.
How could I tell a customer he bought an appliance 2 years ago and has to replace it for security reasons or for those features that should already work?
If I think back about the time of the UCM6100 release, then it passed a lot of time until this product was ready to sell to average demanding customers (because of a lot of missing features, stability, bla bla bla…)
I took the UCM out of the shelf did updates and put it a little bit disappointed back to the shelf waiting for dust covering and the next firmware release to come.
Well things have cahnged over the years and the UCM firmware has grown to a really sellable product with nice features.
Please GS let it be usable in a secure way for a reasonable period of time to satisfy the expectations of our business clients.
Regards Michael


I would hope that Grandstream will respond to this thread. Perhaps @grandstream can get us an official answer.


Hi all, the UCM61xx series will continue to get updates for major bugs and security issues. If you believe that there is a major bug in the UCM61xx that should be examined and addressed as soon as possible, please file a support ticket.


@GS.Jimmy, thanks for the clarification. That’s very good news indeed.

Can you just clarify if Grandstream will release all the bug fixes that will be included in the 6200/6500 series for the 6100, or only those that are deemed “major” as what is a significant bug to one client is inconsequential to others?


@GS.Jimmy: Thank you ! Now we are all sleeping peacefully again at night.
Is it possible to make a statement about how long the 6100 series is being supplied with safety-relevant fixes?
That would significantly increase planning security and we could better prepare clients for when to invest some money again.
Best regards


For now, only major bugs are planned to be addressed in future updates for the 61xx. To consider an issue as major, it would need to affect a large number of clients’ or at least one large client’s daily operations.

There is currently no confirmed date for the total end of security support. Please assume that security support is indefinite for now until further notice.


This is means nothing, as this notice can be tomorrow. Say at least how minimum long it is planed.


I noticed this, i asked on many occasions about this stance, there response “we have no plans to end support for the 6100, its the same hardware with a slower CPU, all firmwares will run on both”.

Less than 2 years after the new generation, >> BANG << END OF LIFE!!! not happy about this at all, especially with being confirmed this would not happen. Type of thing Cisco does, and the reason i abandoned Cisco.


Support for the whole hardware was “indefinite” about 2 months ago and thats ended, so how many weeks before its totally abandoned including “major fixes”?