Firmware for UCM6301/6302/6304/6308/6300A/6302A/6304A/6308A released as official



It’s working, but when I try to edit any of my VOIP trunks, I get “failed to get data” and all of the field are then blank.

The data is showing on the main screen, and the system is connected, but now I can’t edit any of my trunks. This occurred after this update.


I’m also getting this on “backup”, “failed to get data”, I did a restore of my config from a known good backup made just before the update, same issue. Is there a place I can download prior firmware versions?


Grandstream Ticket Response"

“This was removed due to voicemail being the default destination unless disabled on the extension.
Just make sure the ring timeout is configured to the desired value.”

“If the destination is set to NONE and there is no ring timeout configured on the extension, then the call would keep ringing until the caller disconnects.
Setting a ring timeout will forward the call to voicemail at the configured timeout event.
If voicemail is disabled, the call will disconnect.”



it is an answer that makes sense but only in part


This is not really a solution, as when you forward by the timeout value, the greeting presented is different.
Owners Name (Greet Prompt) “Owner Name, cannot take your call”
Unavailable greeting the user recorded plays when you use the forward option Busy N/A.

Grandstream support advised me to have the user record the temp greeting in this case previously and presented the below in the 6300 works different then 6200…But to me I think is confusing to the user.

-Temporary Prompt
Highest priority

-Greet Prompt (Which is really owners name)
Will be used if no temporary prompt.

-Busy Prompt
Will be used if callee is busy.

-Unavailable Prompt
This is only for extension which is unreachable such as not registered or not reachable at all (due to network issues, etc).


The description kind of makes sense for the no answer condition being triggered by the Ring Timeout (I haven’t tested it yet), but I don’t understand how the call forward always & busy would be optionally triggered even if its own voicemail was the default location,

DND for forward always
Remove call waiting for forward busy


yo tengo un problema con Nas, en esta actualización, se desactivo por completo, a alguien le paso algo similar ?


to me it works correctly



Could you kindly help to look at this issue and see if it can be reproduced? Thanks!

Thank you!


If you are referring to the extensions being unable to select their own extension voicemail when configuring call forwarding, yes, I can reproduce it. On my end, the option is grayed out. I am currently discussing this internally about this behavior.


Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy!

Thank you!


Has anyone had an issue with the outboard Rules?

Before every rule was working now after the update, it’s taking the 1st rule only.

I will upload some screenshots/more information as soon I get office or home.

Thank guys


Buenas tardes, estoy utilizando una herramienta de traducción, así que pido disculpas si esto suena extraño. Necesitaríamos acceso remoto web/ssh para solucionar los problemas de conexión del NAS. No tengo conocimiento de ningún problema de conexión del NAS. Le sugiero que también envíe un ticket de soporte al servicio de asistencia técnica


No one else is having issues with the outbound rules ?

Will open a ticket with GS.

Thank s


Hi Jimmy,

Any update on the extensions being unable to select their own extension voicemail when configuring call forwarding?



Hi, this has been confirmed as a bug and is planned to be fixed in the next major release.


I can also confirm this is happening on our 1 and only UCM6301 in production. Thank goodness I did not migrate the 8 other UCM6202’s - we must have stable releases and the UCM6301 should be stable by now. It’s obviously still having major problems and is currently affecting 1/8 of our hundreds of users.


Can we get an ETA on this release? We have spent hours troubleshooting the issue, and even deleting and recreating an extension (the most reliable way) has not resolved this issue. I have many users without the ability to use voicemail and I must forward their calls to their personal cell phones.


For example, I have no obvious problems, it is not enough to say that there are problems, you have to report them and document them otherwise Grandstream how does it detect the problem and solve it?