Firmware for GXW4004/GXW4008/HT502/HT503 officially released



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for GXW4004/GXW4008/HT502/HT503 is released as official. Here is the link for the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.




My HT-503 does not want to upgrade.

# grep -C2 firmware /var/log/callerid
2018-04-05T10:38:44+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] VINETIC-2CPE V2.2 detected
2018-04-05T10:38:44+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] Start Vinetic initialization
2018-04-05T10:38:44+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] Load VINETIC-2CPE V2.2 firmware
2018-04-05T10:38:44+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] init port 0:0 SLIC: 11
2018-04-05T10:38:44+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] init port 1:0 DAA: model type: 0,  option: 11
2018-04-05T10:39:14+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] SIPStack(0)::cb_timeout: Transaction timed out for SUBSCRIBE
2018-04-05T10:39:14+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: [] SIPStack(0)::cb_nict_kill_transaction: Kill NICT transaction 1
2018-04-05T10:39:16+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: http read file failed
2018-04-05T10:39:16+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: ht503fw.bin is not valid for upgrade
2018-04-05T10:39:18+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: ht503corea.bin is not valid for upgrade
2018-04-05T10:39:18+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: http read file failed
2018-04-05T10:39:20+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: ht503basea.bin is not valid for upgrade
2018-04-05T10:39:20+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: http read file failed
2018-04-05T10:39:21+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: ht503proga.bin is not valid for upgrade
2018-04-05T10:39:21+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: http read file failed
2018-04-05T10:39:23+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: ht503extraa.bin is not valid for upgrade
2018-04-05T10:39:23+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: http read file failed
2018-04-05T10:39:24+02:00 HT-503 [00:0B:82:11:21:70]: PROVISION: No image upgraded

All URL:s are dead (error 404) except but it does not upgrade.



You have older fw, you need transition firmware first.
Make ticket with GS and ask for help.


Ok, done, thanks.

It seems strange that one needs a transition F/W to upgrade from the previous official F/W to the latest though.



There was shift from multi file to 1 file.
Also difference is to big, in order to keep settings it must be done via some middle fw.


The solution to upgrades like that is usually to release the transition F/W via the URL(s) used by the older F/W’s and to have the 1.0.16.x F/W’s available via a different URL that is known by the transition and newer F/W’s.

Anyway, I got a set of magic settings that I entered via telnet and it then upgraded to without using a transition F/W. :slight_smile:





Hi I just upgrade one HT503, did log in at the default IP, but Idid change to a static IP and I cant log in any more and shows when it fails to log in , if I reset the unit I can log in with the default IP.


after upgrade 75 devices GXW-4008 from to I can´t log in devices anymore.
No ping, no http, no https

The devices was upgrated automatically, I will need a URGENT reply please

Thanks in advance


Hi aheimfelt:

I have the same issue with GSX-4008, do you know how solve the issue ??



Unlock wan port (via IVR on 1 port *** -> 12 ENABLED) restart gateway.