Firmware for UCM6301/6302/6304/6308/6300A/6302A/6304A/6308A released as official



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Thanks for your updates, Jimmy!

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Any idea when the next firmware will be released? I recently switched to a registered trunk service and have the problem mentioned here as well as PMS module problems where wakeup calls are not deleted during checkout and my GXW 4248 Gateways randomly lose registration for all extensions. I did the workaround suggested here for the callerid and set the GXW’s to reboot daily as temporary fixes but a permanent fix to these problems would be appreciated.


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Thank you for your feedback! We will release UCM63xx next release this week. Thanks!

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I’ve got a recently deployed 6300A that was on, GRP phones on Customer complaining of audio delay at the beginning of call. Upgraded to and the delay issue is still present. They only way we’ve been able to eliminate the audio delay is by going back to a much older firmware, something like but this breaks scheduled backup.

Release notes for says the audio delay issue is foxed but for me it is not.


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Thank you for your feedback! You can try to reproduce this issue again and capture the trace file with syslog from the UCM6300A, then send them to us for troubleshooting. Please kindly help to clarify the delay issue is the voice delay or connection delay. For example, the callee can hear the voice after n seconds delay, or after clicking the answer button, the call can be established after n seconds. Thanks for yoru testing!

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Voice delay, the call connects immediately. I have a ticket open and Ill be providing captures as soon as possible.


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Thank you for your feedback! We will wait for your captured logs and trace file from the UCM63xx device. May I ask if you have set UCMRC Open Beta plan in your UCM63xx? The SIP server you filled in the GRP devices is the UCMRC domain address or the public IP address of the UCM63xx? Thanks for your testing!

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Updated to, and trunk username issue is still happening…


Could you kindly help to check this? Thanks!

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Thank you for your feedback. We’ll look into this and provide an update as soon as possible.


What phones are you using? I don’t have the problem anymore.


Thanks for your help, Jimmy!

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