Firmware for GSC3510/GSC3505 released as official



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for GSC3510/GSC3505 is now released as official. Here is the link to the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.



Can someone please help me get the music working. Im using VLC to stream via rtsp, the music in VLC starts to play I can listen to it but the speaker doesn’t start to play the music. My file is in MP3 format. the only thing I can get to work is by using ffmpeg but there I can only play various links of radios. I need to get 1 song to work that would be in a loop. and it would be played nonstop except when someone came through the door it would stop the music and say “hello” or “Welcome” and then the music starts again.