Firmware for WP800 released for BETA evaluation


@GS.Rick rick is BLF supported or going to be supported? My thoughts on the home display the color could change if the extension was busy, etc.

also the callerid display really needs to be fixed as we discussed awhile back.

thanks leon



The BLF feature is still being evaluated as its tricky to implement. For the CID, we plan to increase the length later.



@GS.Rick ok on BLF. On CID, its another show stopper as when a call comes in you have no idea who or what it is :frowning:




Could you please clarify? CID name or number display is working on



@GS.Rick as mentioned awhile back the CID name doesnt fit and the number is not displayed. The number should be displayed on the NEXT line and the font for the name made smaller




We already noted these concerns. They will be addressed in a future release.



@GS.Rick hey rick…was home this weekend and was unable to get a debug to generate. Numerous times HS unregistered/unpingable. no matter how I set the MAINTENANCE–>DEBUG settings they always seem to go back to default on a reboot.




It seems the network is very unstable on the device. This can cause the settings to not apply correctly on the web UI. One advise I have in the Debug menu is that the “save” button is all the way at the bottom of the page. If you want to set the debug info menu options you go to bottom of the page to save it.



We’re finding that the more we use, the more we end up factory resetting it and reprogramming the functionality that we are testing. It’s almost as though it remembers parts of things between factory resets.

I do not have specifics at this time; it is simply based on reading our tester logs to see how many times it is factory reset and why.


I’ll check for the SAVE next time it croaks :slight_smile:



If your referring to web UI related data, I’m going to say its likely because the previous information was cached by the browser. Clearing your cache should do it. If you referring to the handset UI data we’ll have to dig further. From the very first build till now we have added and removed many functions for each firmware release so its hard to say how the existing data is impacted. We think that during this initial phase it is likely a factory reset has to be perform to clear out extraneous data.



Not web UI data. I’ll ask what the tester meant when she wrote “seems like maintains data between factory resets.”