Firmware for WP800 released for BETA evaluation


ok thats minor compared to the calls droping and having these issues where registration drops



I checked your trace and I’m seeing a lot of interesting bindings of your registrations for both the Freepbx and 3cx:


Which account are you having the problem? I’m not sure if you have simultaneous registrations set up. We advise to clear the bindings in case there are some incorrect bindings. Also could you please send us your device config so we can check it? (maintenance->upgrade->config file->download device config)

Is this using the hotel WiFi you mentioned before? We see there’s a complaint about port restricted NAT cone:



no these are at home. plenty of bandwidth here and low latency to pbx at vultr

i’ll get the config for you.

i was on the freepbx (701) when the call dropped. both registrations are active at the same time. (4.0 KB)


701 is freepbx (incredible pbx)
715 is 3cx



I checked your config and I suggest to set Account 1->General Settings->NAT traversal to “NAT NO.” If you do have NAT issues and cannot register you can try “STUN.” It seems the auto setting may not work well in your environment. The best way the overcome NAT issue though is to port forward or setup static NAT on gateway/router. Also we recommend to clear the registration bindings for your freePBX extension.



Hi rick…well I am going through a NAT at my end. at the pbx there is no “firewall/nat”
I already have extensive firewall rules setup. I do see it hitting my firewall traffic management. so I am stumped. I will try what you suggest.

regarding freepbx…bindings on what end>?

thanks leon



Bindings on the FreePBX side for that extension. If you could clear it that would help.



hi @GS.Rick

only way I know to do that is to reboot the pbx. I made changes to both accounts - made sure they’re using TLS and NAT as keep alive I’ll send up another config

Leon (4.1 KB)


the more I think about it, I think there should be a checkbox for the DNS entries. Override DHCP DNS or Append. Thoughts?


since I made the last changes, the phone has not croaked :slight_smile:

#31 (4.1 KB)



Thanks for the update. For the new suggestion, could you please put in a new thread? We would like to reserve this thread for major issues found with the new firmware.


@GS.Rick will do…can you please check the configs to see if that brings up a cause for the issue where the HS deregisters and dies basically?



For the 3CX account, you might need to enable this feature when using TLS if you run into problems with BLF subscription:


We noted this problem during our testing with the GXPs. Besides that the config seems fine. If you do run into issue we may have to check the syslog as the SIP portion will be encrypted. Make sure you have syslog set to debug and “send SIP log” enabled in the syslog menu.



ah ha! that splains a lot. i need to roll a GXP20xx template for them, WP800 and DP750. thoughts?

on my wp800, why would making the last changes in the latest config make things work? compared to the previous one I posted (note I posted the latest fconfig twice)

thanks leon

Ok I just did it. where on the HS will I see the BLF? Will the line icon change color? If so it didn’t work

While I am using TLS, SIPS is disabled. I never could get encrypted voice working even on freepbx.



We believe the reason of the issue may be due to NAT traversal set to “auto” which may be unsuitable for your environment. Sorry the handset doesn’t have BLF capability at the moment so the problem relating to ephemeral port may be irrelevant. We haven’t qualify the WP800 on the 3CX platform but if you do run into TLS issues that feature may be worth trying.



GM @GS.Rick

I’ve set it to auto/ and others. they all show restricted cone. the 2170 doesnt show this. why the difference?

I’ve noticed that the setting you referred to is pushed to the 2170 from 3cx. so when I go back to manual provision I will make sure thats added.

ok on BLF :slight_smile:

I cant remember the differences between the two contigs but it’s been solid for two days now. no lost registrations etc. that was before adding the ephermal setting.

do you have any templates for the gxp20xx or DP750 or dp715 I could use?

thanks leon



The NAT auto detect mechanism should be the same. I’m not sure why there’s a difference. I don’t think we ever officially support GXP20xx for 3CX. For the DP750 and DP715, you can find those templates on the Grandstream partner connect portal.



@GS.Rick ok I’ll go grab them this weekend. do you have a url? on on 20xx




Here’s the partner portal: