Firmware for GXV3370 released as Beta



Dear Grandstream Customers,

Firmware for GXV3370 is now released as Beta. Here is the link for the release notes:

The firmware and release notes can be downloaded from:

Please contact us should you have any issues. Thank you for your support for Grandstream products.

Technical Support
Grandstream Networks, Inc.



Hi @grandstream

The firmware release notes are the ones for the How can we know what is really new?


Compare from latest beta.
This is common for GS that they replace beta and add difference to new file without adding what is changed.


I tried. The release notes are no longer available.


I’m on this firmware with BLF keys monitoring lines on a UCM6202 (also on latest beta firmware). I setup the feature under mpk advanced settings to prefix digits when the BLF keys are pressed (BLF Call-pick Prefix). My goal is that when there is an ongoing call on an extension, pressing the BLF key dials *54ext in order to spy on the ongoing call. I would also like another that can barge on the call. However it doesn’t work, instead it just calls the extension directly and the user gets a call-waiting indicator. Call monitoring is enabled properly for the extension in the UCM.

The other thing I want is that when the BLF is in “ringing” status, that the key press will pick up the call.

Both these scenarios are for the CEO desk for my client. He wants to be able to listen in on calls and then barge in when necessary, and also answer people’s extensions when he chooses.


I am also on the latest beta for the GXV and the UCM6202 and I also use this feature.

To change the BLF Pickup Prefix, go to (on the Web) Applications -> MPK Settings -> MPK General Settings.There you can change the setting per account.

As for the Barge-In part, I would create a DTMF MPK of the feature code + ext. So the BLF is used to spy, and the DTMF to barge-in.

Also, to pickup a call, you need to press the icon part of the BLF key. Meaning the icon with the green/red light on it. Otherwise it won’t pickup but dial the extension as per default of a BLF.

I hope this can help you.


Just for you :slight_smile:

  • Moved 802.1X mode settings from LCD Settings -> Network -> General network settings to Settings ->
    Network -> Ethernet settings.
  • Added a note in Conference to show how to add multiple member to a conference call.
  • Removed the Value-added Service DTMF content length limit.
  • Added LCD Settings -> Network -> VPN, to add or edit VPN profile. [VPN SETTINGS]


  • Fixed device does no send TFTP request when Option 66 includes TFTP header.
  • Fixed from status bar, device WiFi and Bluetooth color would change if Hotspot is enabled.
  • Fixed device “contact has stopped running” error when editing an existing contact group.
  • Fixed device fails to clear credentials issue.
  • Fixed web UI Account -> Account Name becomes empty after Account Advanced Settings is updated.
  • Fixed device presentation does not work after it is blind transferred.
  • Fixed web UI Value-added Service -> Broadsoft Settings “Auto-filling Pickup Feature Code” does not
  • Fixed audio issue when account RTP IP Filter is set to “IP and Port”.
  • Fixed device cannot adjust volume based on information in Call-info header.
  • Fixed device cannot register an account when switch from PPPoE to WiFi over PoE.
  • Fixed device displays wrong message when it fails to open GDS.
  • Fixed device cannot display or send local video after answering second incoming call when there are 2
    incoming video calls at the same time.


Thanks Marcoux!

I didn’t know there was a difference between pressing the BLF icon and pressing the name. That’s probably why it wasn’t dialing my prefix.



I guess I spoke too soon, it doesn’t seem to work still.

If I leave the BLF Pickup Prefix default (**), and try to pick up a flashing BLF by clicking the BLF Icon, I get the message “doesn’t match dial plan”. I’d expect to simply be able to pick up the call.

If I override the BLF Pickup Prefix with *54, then the all the BLF keys always SPY on calls, and there is no way to barge in or pick up a ringing call.

If I create additional DTMF keys for barge in, I still can’t use them to actually answer the calls.

my dial plan is at default { x+ | +x+ | *x+ | xxx+ | x+*x+*x+*x+ | x+*x+*x+*x+#x+ }

is this what the “Disable DialPlan” option is used for?



In order for the pickup to work, you need to add it in the dial plan. Try using this, it is mine:

{ x+ | \+x+ | *x+ | **x+ | xxxx* | xxxx** | *xx*x+ | x+*x+*x+*x+ | x+*x+*x+*x+#x+ }

This dial plan also enables call queue login/logout.

Now, to create 2 BLF keys with different pickup prefix, you will need to create a second SIP account (perhaps the same but twice) and change the second account prefix.

As for your *54, I don’t understand why it wouldn’t work. I never tried this feature, although you may try using the “Disable Dial Plan” option.


Wow thanks gain, that worked. I have a hard time understanding the dial plan.

Now I have the BLF key working to pickup other calls and a second key with the spy *54.


Do you know if there is any way to change the little human shape avatar on the BLF key to a custom image for each extension?


So did you create a second account for the second BLF prefix?

Unfortunately not yet but what I think would be best is the BLF key to show the user avatar (if set in Contacts or in UCM/Phone settings).

As for the dial plan, it is still a mystery for me too. Thanks @drostoker for his help here.


As for dial plan:
Each section is separated by “|”
x+ | xxxx | xxxx*
So we have 3 different extra settings:

  1. **x+ -> this allow you to dial ** any_number (+ is any string, X mean 1 digit and ** are **) :smiley:
    Example: **234

  2. xxxx* - 4 digits ended with * (queue suggested login)

  3. xxxx**- 4 digits ended with ** (queue suggested logout)


After 2 weeks of testing this firmware on my daily GXV, I am pleased to report that it is pretty stable and I encountered no issues during operations.

Only a provisioning issue which has been already reported.