Find Me Caller ID


Hello All,

Poking around the forum, I get the feeling the UCM cannot do what I need.

When the UCM calls the external number setup in Find me, I need the customers number to show up on my cell phone, not the office number.

Is that possible?


Try these settings (you will find them inside the settings of the extension and follow me:
Use callee DOD on FWD or RS
Use Callee DOD for Follow Me


@costwisewpg, I have it set up this way and it works for me:

In the VoIP trunk

  • Turn on Keep Original CID
  • Turn off Keep Trunk CID

In SIP Settings -> TOS

  • Turn on Trust Remote Party ID
  • Send Remote Party ID

Let me know how it goes.


I’m so accustomed to working with SIP I forgot to specify I’m working with PRI on this one. Regardless, you’ve both given me hope, I’ll see what I can find that’s similar and test if I can change the outbound CID on PRI anyway (which not all provider will accommodate).



I had done two things wrong.

  1. Due to a conveluted setup, where I have the Follow Me calling a second extension with no phone. The second extension is using call forwarding on a schedule. (Due to Follow Me have no option to follow a schedule on it’s own). I had overlooked the Use Calle DOD on FWD or RS.

  2. During the setup, I followed what had been entered on the previous Cisco system. I had filled out the number in the Caller ID field while setting up the PRI.

Thanks for your help!


immettendo questo campo “Use Calle DOD on FWD or RS” adesso hai risolto?