Finally a way to use a Jabra headset with a Grandstream GXP phone without an external EHS


I have wanted to use my Jabra headset to be able to answer/hangup calls on my Grandstream phone via the headset, but without an external electronic hook switch (EHS). Gentek (my Canadian distributor) now carries the VBeT EHS10 cable witch enable me to do just that!

I am using a Jabra Pro 9450 and a Grandstream GXP2170 in my particular case, but I am told it will work with other Jabra headsets and other Grandstream phones.

Thought it might be of interest to others who like Jabra.


Doesn’t that model of headset have Bluetooth? I think I have the same one, works through Bluetooth to answer and hang up calls.


No. It is a DECT headset with one USB connection to the computer and one RJ11 connection to the phone.


Ah yes, you are correct. Just checked my headset, it’s the 9470.


Do you still activate Plantronics EHS Checkbox on the phone to make the Jabra EHS work?


Yes. You change the two headset options on the GXP to Plantronics and it works like a charm.

Only strange behaviour I’ve noticed, and this would just me on my model headset, is that the display lights indicating if you are connected to the computer or phone no longer work as they did before. That being said, I’ve not a had a problem using either and the switching between the two modes has never been better.


Great, I prefer the Jabra’s. The Plantronics Products are looking dated.


Just Googled the part. Is it made by Jabra? Seems only to be on the Gentek website?


Correct. It is not made by Jabra. It is third party and sold by Gentek.