Finally, a VERTICAL wall mount bracket for grandstream phones?


Hi… Can someone tell me if this new VERTICAL wall mount bracket (the model gxv3380_wm) fits the regular gxp phones? I really would like to add some wall mount phones in a few rooms, but the wall mounts and wiring are all done expecting a normal vertical wall mount phone like the Ciscos.

I know the bracket is supposed to be for the gxv3380, but it looks like it may be compatible.

You can see a drawing here:

Similarly, there is a wall mount for the GRP series phones that is also vertical, the GRP_WM_S. You can find that drawing here:

Would love a vertical bracket that fits the GXP series!



The GXP is delivered with its own mounting for walls. It comes packaged in every box. No the GXV product is a different form factor and does not fit the other series.

You may have a hard time finding these because they packaged with every new phone, distributors seldom carry them as most folks won’t install every phone on a wall and they become excess inventory. The same happened to me with the Covid-19 issue when people were moving desk phones home and power supplies became in short supply. GS, unlike most others, sends a transformer with the phones, and there was no need to carry but a small inventory. This went very quickly and I had to use other makes to get by.


I have the wall mounts that come with the phones. The problem is they don’t fit the standard VERTICAL mounts on wall plates we have. The included ones have two mounting holes that are horizontal and need to have anchors inserted the walls around the wall plates to be used.

With the GXV’s and GRP’s now having VERTICAL wall plates available, I was hoping one of them would work for GXP’s as well. Are you saying that neither of them work on the GXP line?

I just want wall plates that fit on the standard plates like all the cisco phones have, and apparently is true for GXV’s and GRP’s as well.



Grandstream folks , any comments about a vertical wall mount for the gxp love like the ones for the grp and gxv lines?


This is primarily a user-to-user support forum. You are probably better contacting Grandstream directly, or opening a support ticket, to gain any traction on this.


Folks, I found this wall mount kit (the video here is very descriptive): for a traditional wall mount kit that works for the GXP2135 and likely all the GXP phones.

Has anyone tried this? I will call them next week and see if they sell them separately from the phones…



What your referring to is typically called a 630-4 telephone wall plate, and yes, it is a shame that GS phones cannot hang on them as they are the universal standard for telephone wall mounting.

GS- please update your brackets so they will connect to a 630 wall plate.


+1 They have done that for 2 other model lines, but not the GXP’s.

But if I could get a 3 printed version I’d be ok with that. Or even being able to buy it from a 3rd party. I’ll see if the folks I mentioned earlier on the thread will sell me some, and if so come back and post here.


So I called the TSE digital people, and they are selling those 630A l mounts for GXP phones for $15 each + shipping. I should have 3 of them soon and will let everyone know how they work. You can contact them at to order, as they don’t currently have an online store.