Feedback for multicast paging and PTT



Do you have any suggestion for the UI? Does the UI options seem intuitive to you?



We continue to have interesting things happen with GS Multicast paging. The phone continues to not accept multicast paging when the screen is off (no matter how long it has been off for), sometimes there’s two displays for incoming multicast pages on the WP800 (with duplicate audio) and now we have a new thing where if the phone is not provisioned to a SIP account, it won’t accept pages at all.

We’ve stopped testing at this point, since it’s not going to be something we deploy anyway, in our customer environments.


Do you mean multicast paging or the WP800 itself?


Multicast paging.


Oh, and now we have a new problem on our GXP2160 that we were using for testing. Hitting our speed dial multicast paging button the third time (to test a third call) makes the GXP2160 play the DMTF tone forever until you power cycle.

Needless to say, we’re giving up on multicast testing at this point.



Thanks for your testing. We will review the issues you reported and see if its reproducible on our end. Also just to be clear, what’s your setup for the multicast test and how are you testing? How many devices are involved in the test?

For this issue, could you please let us know the steps to reproduce it?



GXP2160 running .102 and WP800 running latest beta (5.1 or whatever it is).

Multicast paging (not Spectralink) set up on both as receiving channels 1 as and channel 2 as GXP2160 had two speed dials VMPKs set up for channel 1 and channel 2. Pressing channel 1 may or may not have connected to WP800 depending on whether the WP800 screen was on or off (see previous bug). After third time, the beep that plays when you press the speed dial on the GXP2160 would just stay on, no matter what else. Power cycle to clear.



I think you meant to say two multicast VMPK and not speed dial right?


Yes, sorry. As there is no other way we’re aware of to trigger a multicast page from a Grandstream phone, we consider them to be “speed dials.” :slight_smile:


You can now do multicast paging via the UCM’s paging facility.


Good to know. We don’t deploy UCMs for most of our customers though. :frowning:



Please check your PM for a new build to try for the multicast issues.


The secret build was installed. First test of new firmware indicates that it solves the problem of the phone not “answering” the page when the screen is off. We tested four combinations:

  • Screen on, in cradle
  • Screen off, in cradle
  • Screen on, not in cradle
  • Screen off, not in cradle

All four worked. We’ll continue testing.

It also seems to address the problem with only channel 1 working for incoming pages referenced in a post from us 14 days ago.

Other comments: Still no “alert tone” played to let you know an incoming page is being received. Especially with a G.722 codec, it can be very creepy to just start hearing someone’s voice coming from your desk without an alert tone first.

Also, it would be nice if the WP800 played a tone once someone has held the PTT button long enough to start the page. Otherwise, there’s a lot of waiting to see if it’s working or not, or else someone starts speaking too soon and the beginning gets cut off. Just a short 100ms chirp would be sufficient.



Thanks for the update. The transmit and receive tone is still being evaluated for the GS multicast.


All we are asking for is a 100ms chirp in the earpiece when sending, and a quick ring tone of some sort (maybe just another chirp) in the speakerphone when receiving.


This is something I have also asked for on the UCM and other Grandstream phones.

I second the need for this.