Features missing for GSC3570


Hello together
today I have tested the GSC3570 and I found out that it is a simple but not bad device to fullfill the wish to get a display-control to some door-cams and ip-cams…
Unfortuneately, I miss several features of which I mean that they would be interesting for some GSC customers, like me…

  • Speed Dial Buttons (inclusive the selection audio / video call) - for ex. to one or some door-cams to quickly get access to the wished door-cam, not to have push 4-6 dial buttons until I get a call to a door cam.
  • 1-click (press)-button to get access to a special IP-CAM via RTSP. Actually I’d have to press 3-4 “clicks” until I would get a picture of a special cam, but why it would not be possible to put a direct access butten at the “desktop” of that device?
  • Some ip cameras would be able to send (http) messages when there are some events - eventually it would be interesting, to switch to the pic of a rtsp stream when that cam recognizes something moving in it’s picture so that the display automatically monitors that cam where there is something going on…?
  • screen saver - maybe it would be interesting to get access to the pic of a cam or pics of several cams for some seconds while the screen saving mode is on?
    I think, that these features would not be difficult to implement and some of GSC3570 customers would be happy if they could use some of these features…?
    Some facts from here I also found in different other forum threads, some of them older than 1/2 year, but until now, nothing changed…
    Thanks for your attention,
    Kind rgds


Agreed with all of this!


Add variable ringtones to that. Customers have requested an old fashion “Ding Dong” ring tone but can’t add any new ring tones.


Appreciate the feedbacks. Will pass these requests to related engineering team.
Thank you for using Grandstream Access Control Products.