Feature request on UCM



there are two requests that may seem trivial but I think they are important.
On Asterisk these features are present, so I think implementing them on UCM will not be a problem:

1- Echo test (on Asterisk it is *43)
it can happen to activate remote extensions, and to test the audio if it is bidirectional you need to call the local extension maybe 10-20 times before fixing the extension. Not everything always works the first time.
With the echo test this problem solves this important situation as the installer can independently check if the audio is bidirectional/monodirectional.

2- Voice date and time (on Asterisk it is *60)
it can happen remotely to have to understand if UCM has the correct date and time (especially if time automatisms are used) and this function allows the customer or the installer to know remotely if the date and time of the UCM are regular.

p.s. for this request I also opened a ticket, but I wanted to know what you think



Good ideas.


+1, like the idea.


+1 yes that will bevery useful indeed


Can’t believe it’s not there. It’s like air. You just assume it’s there.



Also - the speaking clock - because it is system based, wouldn’t that be just a reminder alarm ?