Feature request: Move Network in GWN.CLOUD to new owner


I have setup a complete network for one of my clients. The network will consist of 4 AP with MESH and a captive portal plus bandwidth limited, scheduled power on/off etc.

I have fully reconfigured the network but then my client wants to be in charge of the network using GWN.cloud. But I cannot move the network to my clients GWN.cloud account - why???

The reason to completely move the network to another account is that the new GDPR legislation in the EU. It is very very difficult to comply with the GDPR legislation, so it is less trouble if I could do all the configuration in the GWN.cloud and then just move the ownership to the clients own cloud account.

I do know that I could use the “Network administrator” feature, and handover the control of the network to my client, but it would still not comply with the GDPR legislation as I am still able to administrate the clients network as “Super administrator”.

Please add the feature to move a network from one GWN.cloud account to another GWN.cloud account.




We are lookng into the GDPR regulations.
Meanwhile, can your client open an platform admin for you under his super admin account? In this case, you should have the ability to do all the editing. After you’ve done, they can remove your account, or lower your accessibility.


It is a fine workaround, but the GDPR is still a problem.

If my customer grants me “platform admin” for the network - even before a single customer has connected to the network - I have to sign a GDPR agreement with my customer which involves legal documents, updating legal agreements at both my customer and my company and updating both a physical and electronic version the agreements an so forth. GDPR is a b****.

If I have any theoretical access to end-user data the GDPR will apply.

By transferring the network to another account I can bypass the GDPR requirement of the Cloud-solution or
I have to setup a local managed version using the built-in controller of the access point, but then my customer will have no cloud-access to the solution.