Feature request: Key programable from the phone (not from GUI)



Hi, most of the end use are not geek like us. When it’s time to show them how to setup there BLF key they get lost in the GUI.

It will be nice if we can setup all programmable key from the phone key it self.

Adding a menu on the phone setting and maybe if I old the empty or already set BLF key for 5 or 10 second, the phone will show my option to programm this particular key.

May be add this for all Grandstream phone

Thank you


if I remember correctly, hold down the BLF key and it will give you the possibility to change its settings

obviously with updated firmware


You are correct, holding down any speed dial button will bring up the settings for that button.


btw… some users often manually change the provisionised BLF keys on their own and didn’t tell about it. So they always wondering why their changes magically disappear to original state from time to time.

Is there a solution to save handmade changes on BLF keys from getting overwritten by the provisioning?

Or is the best way to turn of every BLF key of every phone in the zeroconfig, after the phone gets its first provision from the UCM?


If the phone is set for provisioning and the config has a setting within the provisioning file, then it will overwrite any existing setting in the phone upon a provisioning request seen by the provisioning server (UCM) or other).

There is no way to stop other than to disable the provisioning or to simply not set any BLF in the provisioning file.


on Zero config leave blank the parameters you do not want to touch, when restarting the phone the manually entered parameters will remain.


Autoprovisionning doesn’t remove existing config. You have to overwright it.


Correct, if you want to re-provision, you need to factory reset first if you want to restore original settings