(Feature Request) GXP2170 Phonebook Button retasking



I would like to make the “Phonebook Key” (Physical key that looks like book opening) have the exact same function as a VMPK key that has been set to “LDAP Search” mode. That is to say, I want to press the phonebook button and have it open the LDAP directory, and automatically bring up all of the contact entries in the LDAP without having to search for anything manually.

Again, this can be achieved with a VMPK key that has been set to “LDAP Search” mode, with all other values left blank.(See below)

The functions I can make the phonebook key perform are limited to 5 actions.

One of these options is called “LDAP Search” (see above photo).
Despite selecting that option, clicking on the phonebook button only brings up the LDAP directory, and does not show a list of contacts until i type something and press search.

How can I make the Phonebook button set to the “LDAP Search” function do the exact same thing as the VMPK key set to “LDAP Search” with blank fields for each value?


You need to set the LDAP server details and follow through with all the correct settings of where the telephone finds the information and it will do the search needed.


Make ldap search on MPK, one you show bring only LDAP search engine.