FEATURE REQUEST: Auto-Hang-Up after opening door



Could you try to check the “Enable On Hook After Remote Door Opened” (by default disabled) in the “Basic Settings” page of “Door System Settings” to see whether it helps?

Thanks for using GDS products.


Hi GS_Guy,
this is enabled.
This should be work after remote open the door.
After calling we take a look to the preview and
we open by hand,
and how should the GDS know,
that the door was opend?
Many thanks Michael


@MichaelS: Unless the strike can provide signal to GDS (some stiker has status register to send out those information but the cost is super expensive), GDS can NOT know whether the door is really opened or not. All the GDS did (when this feature is turn on) is playing beep and strike operation noise will be transmitted back to the phone. Therefore I usually not use auto hand up (to see in the phone’s MJPEG or H.264 video, depending on phone used) to make sure the door opened and the guy already in, before manually hand up the phone (it is not so inconvenient once used to it).

Hope this helps. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Hi GS_Guy,
sorry for further requesting from me.
I need an input from door contact
to stop the call from GDS to UCM ringgroup.
Door closed = contact closed.
Many thanks Michael