FEATURE REQUEST: Auto-Hang-Up after opening door



It should be possible to active a Auto-Hang-Up after opening door!
This is almost standard with all traditional door-intercoms.

It is very useful, when you have the video-call with speaker-phone or we have the grandstream-wave-app an a tablet-pc.


Also reported as ticket 20170607182813.
Possible as alarm config digital input and IP input.
I really need that.

#3 Added option to disconnect call automatically after door open event.
Great, how can I find this?


@MichaelS: At Basic Setting tab, there is a filed called “Enable Remote Unlock to On Hook” (the English wording need to be revised and please help to provide better ones if you have). Click to select that, the call will be on hook after 5 seconds when the door opened or striker operated.

Hope this helps. Thanks!


Digital Input X can be defined as:
1 Disable
2 Alarm Input
3 Open Door
4 Hang up, stop call = Could you please implement this?

@w00t: Pressing button Digital Input 1 = Open Door activate striker but doesn´t stop the call, that´s missing.


Could you please also implement an option to hang up after pressing OpenDoor button?
And hang up by input contact, open door.


These should be there already when using SIP number call mode, and check the field “Enable Remote Unlock to On Hook” in Basic Setting page. Thanks!


for me, it´s not working.
Could you please implement a new option on Digital Input = Hang-Up stop call?
That means somebody open the door manually, than stopped the call.


Auto-Hang-Up after opening door works fine!

One thing should be improved for the GXP21xx-series (May be it’s the same for the GXP17xx/GXV32xx):

If you open the door while it is ringing, the hang-up works fine, but you have a missed call in the history afterwards…
There should be an answered call in the the call log and not a missed call.


Auto-Hang-Up after opening door works by pressing button OpenDoor on phone.
Than missed calls history have a new entry. Why?
I think than we didn´t need any call log entry.

Further I need a digital input for the magnetic door contact.
Contact closed (door closed) --> call possible.
Contact change from closed to open --> Auto-Hang-Up
Contact open (door open) --> call not possible.


Alarm Config > Alarm Events Config > Digital Input > Digital Input 1 set to Open Door
Than the active call is stopped. That works from 0V to 12V rising edge. GREAT GS, THANKS.

During the door is open (12V) a pemanently beep cycle from GDS3710 is active. What´s that?
Additionally the Alarm Out (magnetic opener) is pemanently active. It could be overheated. Correct?

Could you please implement 12V to 0V Open Door falling edge ? Most reed relay door contact are closed when door is closed. Thanks Michael.


If set to Open Door, the call stopped, but also the electric door opener contact is active and the motor shutter is active. Therefore I need an input from door contact which only stopped the call.


Please try latest firmware, which supposedly should have addressed all the issues mentioned.


new item not found at Digital Input X.
Please help.


@MichaelS: Could you share your wiring or connection diagram? Which COM port you connecting the door strike? Are you connect to COM1 or using Alarm_In as Open Door Button? The Striker should always connect to COM2 and NO2/NC2 depending on your strike is FallSafe or FallSecure. Here is the wiring diagram:

I am not quite understand your issue. I will try to comment once I understand the installation and purpose after you provided more information. Thanks!


Hi GS_Guy,
Striker is connected to NO2 and COM2 and is working as expected.
I only need a new Hang-Up call option by Digital Input. Reason:
Active call comes in and someone from inside the flat open the door by hand and
than the call should be stopped.
Many thanks.


@MichaelS: If you are using latest firmware (, in the “Basic Settings” tab under “Door System Settings”, there is a option called “Enable On Hook After Remote Door Opened”, when checked, once the guy inside press open door key to open the door, the call will automatically hangup. Only exception is that when “hostage code” enabled and the call is alarm call to callee, then this setting will NOT take effect (even this feature is configured it will be overwrite) as you don’t want to automatic hand up and call again to alert criminals and also you need to monitor the live scene at the door and see what happening to the hostage.

Hope this helps. Please advise whether this works for you. Thank you for using Grandstream products.


Hi, thanks for answers.
I´ll ask an easy question and hope for understanding.
Somebody pressed the door bell.
Residents saw preview at phones, do nothing.
Go to door, open it manually.
How can I stop the call?
Door Contact available.
Thanks Michael


No, the doorbell will NOT stop because in reality this is a SIP phone call, it can only be stopped like normal phone call, by Callee (the phone inside) or the caller (but by default disabled as a doorphone, you can configure the doorbell as ping-pong switch and 2nd press will stop the call but this might confuse users like UPS guys as they get used to analogue doorbell, press 1st no response will press 2nd time w/o knowing the call cancelled).

Because the door opened by other guy (NOT the callee), the system will NOT know the door is opened (unless the strike has signals feedback into GDS which most users are NOT).

That said, the CALL will time out and cleared itself is CALLEE not answered the call (resident preview and do nothing in your case). And this time CAN be configured in “SIP Advanced Settings” with name “Ringing Timeout”, the default value is 15 seconds.

Hope this helps. Thanks for using GDS3710.


Hi GS_Guy,
I need a digital input pin on GDS 3710
a door contact to stop the call.
A Ringing Timeout is okay,
but we have different long ways
to open the door. Sometimes we need
5 sec. on the other hand 50 seconds.
Therfore we need an Auto-Hang-Up
the call after open the door by hand.
Many thanks Michael