Feature Request - Alarm Input



Is it possible to change the firmware so that the two alarm inputs are configured like additional bell buttons? An alarm input I use at the moment already, only at the second, it is currently not possible to assign a SIP call.
Would be great!



@rer23049 : Hi Richard: Could you help to elaborate a little bit more about your application scene? I am not quite clear what you want to do, if I can have more details, I might make some suggestions.

Here are other users raised similar issue or request before, not sure that matches yours. Please check out these two posts:

Please advise whether above helps your application scene. Otherwise please provide more details application scenarios so we will see how to approach.

Thank you for using GDS3710!


Hi GS-Guy,

we are 6 Persons (3 “families”) in my house, every family should have their own doorbell button, each one dialing one sip number (e.g. 11, 12, 13).
This is possible in the sip-server (fritzbox) and is functionally at the moment for 11 and 12.

what I have:
One Doorbell Button on the device
One additional doorbell button connectet to Digital Input 1

what I want to Do:
second additional doorbell button connect to Digital Input 2

and this is not possible because: from the Manual (Page 104):
“Once the event is triggered (Motion Detection, Door Bell Pressed…), the GDS3710 will call the first number, once time out is reached and no answer is returned from the first number, the GDS3710 will try the next number on the list and so on. Once the remote phone answers the call, an alarm will be played to notify users that an event is triggered.”

So it should have a possibility to configure one event for IN1 and another event for IN2, best would be an option “How do you want to use IN1/IN2: Alarm or second/third Doorbell”
Additional should be the alarm time configurable, at the moment it rings 1 or 2 minutes before hanging up.

I hope my explanations are good enough to tell you what i want to do… :smiley:



This should work if using firmware Just as this post said:

Configure in the “Alarm Event Config” page Digit Input 1 and 2 to be “Alarm Input”, then configure the action schedule and then “Alarm Action Settings” select “Audio Alarm to SIP Phone”, then finally in the “Alarm Phone List” to program the number to be called when the button pressed

Since you are only 6 people, why not just program private PIN for each member so everyone can input their own PIN to open the door? The best will be give everyone a RFID card.

Hope this helps. Thank you for using GDS3710!


Hi Guy,

yes, your discription is functionally, but only for one button, if I want to use two buttons where can I configure this things:
Button 1 (Digital Input 1) is pressed: call only number 12
Button 2 (Digital Input 2) is pressed: call only number 13
The alarm phone list calls the numbers one by one, no matter which alarm input was pressed, that’s not what i need. I would like that when pressing the bell button 1, the number 12 is called and pressing the bell button 2, the number 13, nothing else.

Thanks and Greets