[FEATURE] More than two sip accounts



I know its unlikely to happen, but the DP710/715 and DP720/750 all support WAY more sip accounts than the WP800. I know everyone’s use case is different, but two accounts doesn’t really meet my needs - I would say that 4 accounts / lines would be appropriate.


Agreed on “more is better” approach. Be thankful there are two accounts. The GVC3210 video conferencing unit has only one.


The GVC3210 video conferencing unit has only one.

right, and it cant even do any “Conferencing”, lol - just an expensive video endpoint.


Seriously, it’s the ugliest webcam we’ve ever seen! We thought we’d be able to sell it for our long-distance learning customers, but it pales in comparison to other conferencing platforms and the physical format is very limiting. But I digress.



We will evaluate the possibility of adding more SIP accounts. Also, out of curiosity, what use case requires more than two SIP accounts? We would like to learn more about this.



One theoretical example: I want to have an inbound sales line, an inbound support line so I know which number the customer called, and I also want my personal line configured so I can have appropriate outbound caller-id.

One real example: I personally generally have 2 lines configured for work, plus my home line, and my personal extension for my home (b/c thats how my wife calls me when I’m at work.)


I agree. SHould be able to support 6, just like the two other android-based phones.


Yeah in practicality I never really use all 6 lines, at most generally 5 - but as I said, no ones use case is the same, however 2 is definitely restrictive.


We do something similar to you. We also use different accounts for different outbound CLID. Granted, that’s much easier to pull off on a phone with physical line buttons… :slight_smile:



Thanks! These feedback are helpful in our evaluation of this concern.


Same here.


Are you pitching this at consumers or businesses? If it’s consumers, two lines are fine. If it’s businesses, you need more. Not because everyone needs it, but because it’s relatively cheap and easy to add more SIP configurations, and for those that need it, it’s a deal-breaker.

We use multiple lines in cases where we have multi-tenant customers, those with different CLID needs (as mentioned above) and for those that need internal systems versus external hosted systems for providing multi-national (or at least, multi-region) support.



I believe the product is designed for small to medium businesses. Although it certainly could be used for residential as well.



We’re reiterating our desire for more than two accounts. We’ve got one in our internal UCM, one in our internal FreePBX, and then we’d like one on an external FreePBX in the cloud, and another one for using on external customer UCM devices. So four would be nice. Six would be awesome!


I agree. I use multiple accounts to separate multi line businesses; the user knows how to answer based on which account rings. At least 4, but 6 would be better.



We have noted the request.



I agree that more account are needed. I usually use prepends to add info i need, but many my customer use different accounts.


Sadly, v1.0.1.5 still has only two SIP accounts. It would really be great to have 4, and 6 would be awesome!



This feature is currently not under consideration at this stage. We may revisit this later after GA.



Too bad.