Fax Sound When Picking Up Call



That I’m aware of, this is only impacting one extension on the system. At least, I have not been advised of any other issues.

I can call the system over PRI.
The call is answered by Reception.
I ask for the person I need to speak with.
Reception transfers the call.
The extension rings, the person at that extension picks up the call but all they here is a fax sound.
I hear nothing, then a beep, then the call drops.

I’ve got a capture but I’d prefer to send it privately to those who could help rather than post it publicly.

before we get into looking at the package capture, are there some trouble shooting steps I can try? I’ve never run into this before.

Thanks in advance.


I’ll take a look at it if you want,
the extension in question is fxs, sip … you looked at the settings of the interior?


So, we assume blind transfer correct? You can PM me as well if you like. What are the codecs in use by the PRI, UCM and extension?