Fax over HT812?


how to set up HT812 for use as a fax service by attaching a fax machine?


HT812 do you have to put it as a UCM extension?
Or directly on a Trunk Sip?
Does the provider support the T38?
There are many configuration variables between one provider and another.


I’ve setup an HT80x as an extension to a UCM. My provider does not provide T.38. Created an inbound route from a dedicated DID to the extension. Plugged the fax machine into the HT80x. Inbound and outbound faxing worked like a charm.



there are also lucky cases :slight_smile:


g711 fax pass-through and yes, you are lucky.


yes, if the VoIP provider allows it, I have tried different Providers, each one manages the Fax differently.


I can’t think of a provider that does not support g711 and if pass-through they have no idea of fax.


As Larry said, if it’s pass-through the provider does not have to do anything.


Just weighing in, I haven’t had trouble faxing over g711 for years. I don’t know what’s changed but I’d say it’s been about 2 or 3 years since I’ve bothered to worry about T.38. better bandwidth, better firewalls, better networks. I don’t know.