False Negative


Has any one seen this before, customer states that faxes are showing failed but faxes are received on the other end? Ucm6202, users log into the pbx to send faxes.


failed does not mean not sent, probably a generic error is displayed (perhaps less serious), therefore to be considered only as a “warning”,
updated FW UCM6202?


Understood, but when this happens the user think that the statement labeled as failed means failed and tries to resend the fax resulting in multiple faxes being sent. The ucm was on FW .44 now upgraded to FW .48


This is a very common occurrence in the world of faxing documents. When it is just an occasional thing then there was a communication error right at the end. When it is happening consistently then the problem is at the receiving fax machine/modem, such that it is not saying goodbye properly at the end of the document.

The solution to avoid the waste of sending the document multiple times is, ugh, contacting the recipient to ask if they received the entire document.



Well Said…