Failure in Voicemail (email) being sent


We have a UCM6510 using the latest firmware ( Voicemail is enabled. Voicemails are sent via email to the users. A local copy of the voicemail is not kept on the UCM6510.

Based on the email logs, the last email to be successfully sent was on Friday (8/3/18) around 1pm. It was on Tuesday that someone noticed an issue. There was no indication of any issues from the UCM6510 as the MTA service probably crashed or hung up (no email alerts). No changes were made prior to the issue. A reboot corrected the issue. Unfortunately, any voicemails that were left between Friday 1pm and Tuesday (when we rebooted the UCM6510) were gone. We understand why this is as the users only need to get voicemails by email. Most of our users do not even have a handset so email is the best option.

My question is, what can I monitor to check to make sure the MTA service (or whatever is it is called for the UCM6510) is working and sending messages? I have enabled syslog on the UCM6510 but what PBX Module should I be checking for (if even possible)? Or if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.



We had similar problems on a 6200 series with FAX emails. Our solution was to keep downgrading until we found a firmware version that worked. Not a good solution, but we can’t have GS keep breaking things when they release new firmwares.


This is the first time it has happened. Otherwise it has been working great and after that reboot it still has been working great. I’m just looking for a way to know when there is a problem like this so I can correct it sooner rather than later.


I had the same issues on our 6510 running older firmware. Voicemail to email did not go out. Daily CDR emails also did not go out.

I created a ticket, granted remote access to developers, but it seems nothing ever came of it because it couldn’t be reproduced. Hopefully another example will put it back on their radar.

It looks like the issue wasn’t resolved in the latest firmware update, which is disappointing. The UCM should at least verify the email is sent successfully before modifying voicemail. If the voicemail doesn’t send, queue it up and process it later.

You could possibly set up the daily CDR reports and keep an eye on those. It’s not real time, but if you don’t get the report you’ll know something is wrong with the UCM.


The issue occurred again this past Friday. I had to reboot the device to get things back up and running with email. I am hoping the newly release firmware ( resolves this issue.


Also having this issue opened a ticket with grandstream , test email works fine . I can receive a test email just fine. It is the daily cdr that stopped being emailed.

  1. update to FW problem still persisted
  2. changed email smtp from google to outlook .com test email work fine on both google and outlook just not cdr

This client has 4 ucm one at each branch all but one ucm cannot email cdr.

any suggestions


We’ve basically given up on UCM devices because of these insane firmware updates that break things. Sorry. No love from us.


We updated to a few months back and haven’t had any issues with voicemails being emailed out since. Haven’t noticed any other issues either.


Seen issue with this firmware for emailing ANYTHING, is the box MTA or client mode?


It is client mode (using Gmail for relay). We recently experienced the issue again last week. Firmware version There is a newer version but I haven’t been able to test it out as of yet.


Did you check the email log in the UCM?


The only thing in the email log (from the web GUI) is the last email/voicemail that successfully sent. It’s like the email service/daemon crashes and a reboot is the only way to correct it (so far).

For example, say around 1pm, a user will report that they are not receiving voicemails and have many missed calls. I will check the CDR and see that voicemails were left. I check the email log and see that the last successful email/voicemail to be sent was around 9am. So now any voicemail left after 9am is lost/gone as we do not keep a local copy.


I went back and reviewed the firmware release notes and while I saw nothing addressing your issue, I did see a note indicating that an issue was fixed about deleting a voicemail when the email send failed. This was listed as a change since While it does not address your issue, it may at least preserve the voicemail.

While you could submit a ticket, my guess is that support will ask you to upgrade, but I guess nothing to lose.


I have submitted a ticket in the past and that is exactly what they said to do…upgrade. The issue doesn’t happen as often but it still does happen without notice or warning.


I can only suggest to upgrade. I have not experienced the problem, but then my 6510s are all running the latest. I too am using Gmail as a client.