Failover 7000 back to primary link



I connected a cellular backup modem to wan 2 and followed the guide to get it to work properly when I disconnect the primary link but when I plug the primary Comcast back in it stays on the cellular backup. The link shows a green text box that it is back up but when I do a whatismyipaddress it is showing the backup cellular link as the IP address. I waited a long time and it still never switched back to the primary. Any tips to get this to work? If I disconnect the backup it switched back over to the primary.


Created a ticket on this and they closed it to inactivity on GS’s part. They think that the next FW release my fix the issue as they reworked the routing code. I think that as long as there and any traffic or active translation out the backup interface it will not fail back. SonicWall had an option to preempt (force the traffic back) may GS will implement something similar. This router is a couple of working features away of being the cat’s meow of low cost routers.


Hi, Michael Prince,

Yes, Michael. You are right. Failover is performed in a case that all ongoing traffic in terminated already, but failback will cut off all ongoing traffic, which makes it probably no difference with a quick manual reboot (manual reboot will recover the priority of primary link).