Failed upgrade ... UCM LCD says "No Provision"


[I posted this as a follow-up to a message about “file too large” but decided needs a larger audience … ]

So i followed instructions for upgrading from to, which said to first upgrade with the ucm6100dpt.bin file and then when upgrading done, you should see the Recover page. However, after ucm6100dpt.bin loaded, UCM froze with LCD showing IP address and “No Provision” and all front LEDs lit green. I could not reach the UCM from a web browser. I waited an hour or so, then powered off/on. When UCM powered up, it showed again the IP address and “No Provision”. I then touched the “Factor Reset” pinhole in back, watched as UCM went through factory reset, then returned to showing IP address and “No Provision”. I think I may have bricked the device. Oh, well, maybe we upgrade to newer H/W!


False alarm … I am now able to see Recover page after using different browser than Chrome (even after clearing Chrome cache).


Step 1: Reset hardware by “Factor Reset” pin hole in back
Step 2: display LCD iP -> use firefox or chorme access it
Step 3: upload fw -> waitting for fix upgrade
Step 4: Click button “Reboot” -> DONE
waiting to reset device!