Factory Reset?



the documentation states that a DP750 base station has a reset pinhole you can press to hard factory wipe the base station.
the DP752 does not have a physical reset hole?
how do I hard factory-reset a DP752 when I have set an admin password that I can not remember, and need to wipe the device?
edited to add: there is no notes about factory reset in the leaflet included in the box for the DP752.


I was able to get back in, but this still exposes an issue - there is no physical reset button that I can find, no “wipe” on the un-authenticated web UI, and you cant hold down the pairing button for 30 seconds to force a factory reset, it seems.


We removed the pinhole from DP752, now for factory reset, just simply press the Page button on DP752 for 30 seconds, you will see all the LED flash, then the device will reboot with factory reset settings.


I thought I had done that… apparently it wasn’t long enough though. Thanks!


I assume that follows the configurable reset options as well? No/yes/nvram/Dect ?


yeah, the hardware button is configuration via the web like DP750


Since it’s gonna come up… is there a way to “super reset” the device if we change the hardware button, and can’t get into the website?

Nobody should make this mistake… but odds are SOMEONE is gonna mess up big time…


you are right, I need check with software team, there is an issue either the configuration on web UI should be removed that the hardware button should always factory reset everything, or there is another way for a fully factory reset when that situation happens.


An other manufacturer solved this problem by a reset button on the log-in page. This button is only there and usable the first 3 minutes after power on. You have to confirm the reset by pressing a button on the device.

This is very secure: You have to fresh power on the device and push the software button, then you have to push the hardware button. So it is impossible to reset the device by mistake, but you always have a way to do it.


I checked with our software team, the reset button works the exactly same ways as DP750, just only the pin whole button changed to page button.
Why we allow configuring the hardware button to 3 different level is because of the ITSP request, some ITSP don’t want customer to fully factory reset the pre-configured device. they don’t want users know or change the login password by purpose, so in this case, the ITSP should always keep the admin password in secure without lost and forgotten.
For most normal customers, they don’t need change this button behavior at all, and by default it will run a full factory reset to recovery the login password.
We haven’t received any complaining or report about lost password and cannot factory reset to recover so far.


so heres a strange use case for you…
ITSP Sells the device to an end customer
End customer has a subscription service for telephone
end customer cancels their service with ITSP
end customer does not want to pay for a dispatch to wipe the device
ITSP doesn’t remotely wipe the device (does it Support a remote-wipe?)
customer now has a device they own, they they can not use or get in to.


There is no remote wipe, but the ITSP should have pointed provisioning server to their own, and can always use a config file to unlock the device, or just simply provide the admin password to the user with instructions.

But if the customer does not want to pay for the device", I don’t see any problem that they cannot use it. In another word, if the customer does not own the device, he should return it to the owner, if he owns, the ITSP has no reason lock the device. Pretty the same when you buy a locked cell phone and now want to unlock it, you need to pay off.


NO. no no no a thousand times no.
the ITSP should NEVER give out their admin password to an end customer, as that is not how managed services work.

but yeah. this is why we aren’t locking down Factory Reset. if customer wants to shoot themselves in the foot, who am I to prevent them from breaking their phone.