Factory reset unit, no quick access to factory password


So, I was absent minded and factory reset the GDS3710 after upgrading its firmware. I had forgotten that there is no default password, but a random password written on the back. The unit is currently wall mounted semi-permanently.

If I give Grandstream the serial number of my unit, do they have on record somewhere its default password? I would really like to avoid ripping this thing out the wall.

Many thanks.


You can try DHCP option 66 and rewrite password via config file.


DHCP option 66 is network booting right? So could I network boot the doorbell and give it a config file via TFTP?

Do you have any links to documentation on this?


Yes and you can.
Doc are in grandstream page :slight_smile:
By default it is TFTP IP you need add in option 66.


Ok thats for that I’ll look into it. What P value do I need in my XML file to change the password?

Ok looking at your XML templates, does this snippet work?


<!-- Admin Password (Type: string, Max length is 32) -->





It should, you need keep all structure but remove all unnecessary settings.


Awesome! I got it working. Was able to set the password to ‘admin’ and log in. Many thanks grandstream!


I’m not grandstream :>