Factory reset UCM 6104 not work


Hello I have a UCM 6104, but the other technician put a password but him not remember.

Then I have try to make a factory reset but not work because when up again not reset was make.

There are some other instruction por make a factory reset?


Marco Lizana


that was tested in SSH?


If a factory reset is failing there is likely a hardware issue.

What firmware version is it on?
What happens when you tell it to factory reset?

Try to change a setting via the menu and see if it will hold. Like switching from a static IP to DHCP.
If the setting won’t hold it is a hardware issue.
If the setting will hold then you should be able to factory reset via the pinhole or the LCD menu.


Thanks for your answer. I don´t know version firmware because I can´t login. When I make the reset the central go to off, initializing, and bring up. I review the LCD menu and the ip its the same, and try ti enter by web, but the says wrong password.


I don’t know, because I can’t login


that remains the same ip is not an anomaly, the DHCP for some time from the same ip to the same MAC, made the factory reset by keys near the LCD of the UCM?
Be careful not to confuse the restart with the factory reset.


yes I have done the factory reset by keys near the LCD of the UCM.


so he doesn’t format himself?
Open a ticket.


Ok, but where I can open. ticket please ?



To confirm
after a factory reset on a 61xx, the password should be admin.


OK, but not work because not make the factory reset. I have try bu LCD panel and rear pin, but not work


If the factory reset won’t work with certainty then helpdesk is the only route left.


Ok thanks


It should be.


But actually they do not help a lot :smile:


I have the same issue. I thing it must be something in the hardware,. Because I do have access but where it restart all return to the same last configuration. LOL