Factory reset phone from Zero Config possible?


Not to be argumentative, they do explain the function.

They further explain how provisioning works (in the manual) and what its function is relative to configuring phones so that the phones can be managed from a central location and the features customized accordingly so that each extension will accommodate the needs of the users.

I think there are also some YouTube videos that go into some detail about it (Lucas who is a frequent contributor to the forum) has done a number of videos.

Only if you use the “reset all” button does it become an all inclusive operation, but you can reset any extension as needed. If you look to the right on each extension, you will see a group of icons for each -

They are, in order - edit,. delete, update (send sip notify (provision)), reboot and access device GUI.

You can delete the configuration for any device, without having to delete all. Keep in mind that the system can support hundreds of extensions, and it would be a pain to do all them one by one.


No worries, I’m not offended. Problem is, I guess I am being dense.

So Reset is the same as Delete?


In this context yes.

When you delete, it is deleting the configuration for the selected extension from the UCM.

When you reset all, it deletes the configuration for all extensions in the UCM,

(edit) - earlier versions of UCM firmware would also delete the extension when using the delete. Reset all was not an option. It has evolved where delete in ZC keeps the extension itself and only deletes the extension configuration within the UCM.

If there are any doubts about any aspect, do a backup of the entire system and label it accordingly so you can locate it and then do as you please to test as you can always go restore the backup.

It does nothing to the phones at this point. Whatever settings there were in the phone remain. Should the phone reboot or otherwise attempt to provision, nothing will happen to the phone as there is no configuration available for the phone to retrieve, It is at this point that it is best to do a factory reset of the phone. The reason being that the phone has settings that were not undone. If a new configuration is generated, then the new config must address all the prior settings because if not, then whatever legacy settings there were that were not addressed in the new config may remain on the phone. I say “may” as some settings are inherent in the zero-config categories (phone, maintenance, localization, etc.), but others such as P-Code use are custom and will remain. Some of the zero config categories have settings that can be used or not and if not used, will stay the same; hence why I think it best to remove all doubt and factory reset and then create a new config.


Thanks Ipneblett. You have totally clarified this to me. My disconnect was the Delete vs. Reset terminology.