Factory reset phone from Zero Config possible?


Can you factory reset GXP phones from zero config without going to the phone GUI?

If not, how do you remotely reset a phone without a VPN to client?

What does the the “Reset All Extensions” option do?


I don’t think it can be done, but you have to look at the new OEM option of the new verses, it seems to me that it serves that purpose.

Keep in mind that if you can not reach the web gui of the phone, after the reset you may not be able to set it.


No, only from the GUI or from the front panel display of the phone.


or you can use a uri



rtl - how would you get the command to the phone that is remote?


I use an http/https tunnel over ssh with the remote router as host


Interesting, may have to play with it, but I wonder if the amount of time spent to set up and configure is worth it for one device? It also occurs to me (as Damiano pointed out) that once done, then what?


I’m curious and I’m doing a test as written above on “OEM”, unfortunately the manual, as often happens, does not indicate exactly what it is for etc…
If you are interested I will update you shortly.


I ask myself a question, but if you are not talking about a remote phone, and if the same phone is detected by Zerco config … how is it possible that it does not enter via the web? It seems to me an impossible scenario what you have described.


Also, reset all extensions removes the exiting configuration from all extensions such that their programmed features are removed. You would then have to re-program the phones, but it is not the same as a factory reset.


so … in my humble tests, OEM is useless, at least it is useless to reset a certain model, also as it says @lpneblett if so it would be a complete reset of all phones of the same model on UCM. In short, it would be a massacre.

I would be curious to read your evidence and considerations regarding the OEM :slight_smile:


a few seconds to type

ssh -R 8080:localhost:80 remoteaddress

Doesn’t strike me as too onerous


OEM is to take a phone that was manufactured by Grandstream for a given client (such as a large hosting company that has them private labeled) which may have a different model number than the ones for the general population (us) so that you can take a GXP2177 and associate it to the 2170 template for use by the UCM. The 2177 is made up, but the point is that the function allows these type of “custom” phones to be used with the UCM as underneath the phones are essentially the same as the general ones.


and this is an explanation that convinces me, even if I want to see only one installer in the world who will ever need this thing.
Anyway I’m 99% sure I read that OEM was used to do some sort of factory reset …


I am setting up a Grandstream system for my church with about 25 extensions. I am setting all phones up through zero config, no programming will be done through the GUI. I have run into some situations where a handset needed a factory reset which completely fixed the problem and no further need to touch the phone or the GUI was necessary because of Zero Config. It would be best to have a VPN to administer but I don’t think that will be possible. Best I will get is port forward to UCM.



What would the typical use for this option be?


I guess there may be occasions when someone may sell a business or otherwise might decide to restructure the extensions - reassign new or different accounts, new or different extension associations, or anything else involving the configuration of an extension. As you can see you can delete a configuration for a given phone, so this is nothing more than doing the same, but for extensions with a single stroke. While perhaps rare, it avoids the need to factory reset everything or possibly having to do for many phones one at a time. I am guessing that it is not used much, but when and if you need it, there it is.


Well, that might be what needs to happen instead of a factory reset in my situation. Looks like it’s all extensions or none though.


What he means is that it will not reset the phones, only the extensions settings related to them so all phones become unassigned.


10-4 on that. Why doesn’t Grandstream document exactly what that feature does?