Facebook Wi-Fi on GWN



Is there any option to setup Facebook Wi-Fi on the access points?
Did anyone found a way how to do that, as there is not any option to do that in Captive Portal?

Thank you in advance!



Hi, fatos,

Both cloud and local master support facebook captive portal.
You can refer to


error en https://


aparece error de certificado concxion no seguro como podemos hacerle para que l paguina de grandstream no marque que la conecxion no es segura

entrando directamente en el navegador tambien aparece https://cwp.gwn.cloud

es molesto para los usuarios, desconfiansa y asumen que marco error. Gracias,.


Thank you GS_Tian,

I tried this feature, thats ok.

What I am looking for is to enable Facebook Wi-Fi on Grandstream AP !

Facebook Wi-Fi enables Facebook Check In option.
Users have to “Check In” on facebook on my location which is connected with my Facebook page to use free WiFi